Impulse Cosmetics Review

Impulse Cosmetics

Ordering from Indie makeup companies can be nerve-wracking. There are fewer reviews out there & many times it is the negative voice that yells the loudest, so it is hard for me to trust. A big problem with some companies is that somehow their products appear different when they reach your home than they are pictured or described on their website. Consistent quality, finish, & color hue is pretty important to me. Impulse Cosmetics sells some very pretty-looking pigment eye shadows on their website and I was really excited to receive my order within a week. The pigments retail for $3.99 for 1/2 tsp of product and there are sifters included in the packaging.

I put in a small order for 3 Duochrome Pigment Eye Shadows in November: Damsel, Dragon Scales, and Wish Upon A Star. When I think of a duo chrome shadow, I firmly believe the shadow will be metallic (the word chrome is in the description) and iridescent. I also assume that the product will shift colors if it is called a duo chrome. Unfortunately, I had a major disappointment with my order. Damsel & Wish Upon a Star are more flat, matte, & powdery in appearance than the beautiful, metallic, color shifting pigments pictured on their website. Wish Upon a Star had the worst results. It is a powdery, flat, periwinkle blue rather than the light shimmery aqua blue with gold reflects I was expecting (based on their photo.) I can see glitter particles in the pigment but it applies flat & matte (and its stains.) I attempted to contact Impulse Cosmetics via e-mail over a month ago, regarding only the one shadow (with pictures) but I have had NO response. I was polite and professional, simply asking if I received the wrong product…

Impulse Cosmetics Swatches 004

Impulse Cosmetics Swatches 004

Swatches & Application:

Impulse Cosmetics Swatches 1024x852

Impulse Cosmetics Swatches 1024×852

My swatches (I used a glitter primer)


Damsel is described as a blushy pink with a gold duochrome. On me, it is more of a coppery nude tone, but I like it. I think it is lovely. It applies & removes easily and the color is dainty, ethereal, and beautiful. Damsel has the best duochrome effect.

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales is described as shifting between aqua and emerald with red shimmer. On me, it is a deep forest green (not aqua!) with gold glitter. It is more on the olive side than aqua but it is pretty. Dragon Scales has the greatest glitter payoff but the glitter applies very patchy and unevenly. I watched videos of swatches & other people received an emerald green pigment with multi-tonal glitter.

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics-150x300

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics-150×300

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics-150x150

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics-150×150

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics

Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics

(Images of Damsel, Wish Upon A Star & Dragon Scales from Impulse Cosmetics website)

Wish Upon A Star is described as a powder blue with gold shimmer. Their website shows a metallic, duochrome warm-toned light blue. I got a periwinkle shade that I did not want. The other shades were very different than the website’s pictures but at least they were pretty. I checked out other people’s swatches of their Wish Upon A Star purchases & they were shimmery, metallic, baby blue. Duochrome effects are difficult to photograph, so I won’t hold that against them (but mine is NOT a duochrome.) To add to my disappointment, this shade is terribly staining.

Choc Honey 003 150x150

Choc Honey 003 150×150

Bottom Line:

None of the colors apply or swatch similar to the shades pictured on Impulse Cosmetics website. Those look shiny, metallic, and amazing. I am actually angry that the result is so far from expectations. I wanted the shadows pictured on their website. What I got was a huge disappointment and waste of money.

I was only marginally pleased by Damsel (which is a different hue than they pictured) and I am hesitant to reorder from Impulse Cosmetics based on the complete fail that is Wish Upon a Star. The finish, color, and quality were not good. Other people received a different shade, finish, and quality than I did. Consistency in quality is too important to keep chancing that my order will turn out well. With brands like Coastal Scents, Silk Naturals, ColourPop, and Makeup Geek I am able to rely on their descriptions, pictures, and quality. I am also unimpressed with Impulse Cosmetics Customer Service abilities. There is a reason that their review section is disabled on their website. I only ordered the pigment eye shadows but Impulse Cosmetics sells other products. Check out online reviews & swatches before trying any of their products. Their eye and lip products are notoriously different than their pictured product and they were involved in a photo-stealing controversy a couple of years ago. Other bloggers & YouTubers received products that they thoroughly enjoyed that look & apply nothing like the shadows I received but bear the same name.

Be careful when you order anything online, but don’t be discouraged. There are lots of reputable smaller companies that sell great products!

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