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The cherry blossom or sakura in the japanese language recalls in its symbolism the whole japanese philosophy linked to the culture of patience respect for nature and inner peace. The tea is salty and sour with a subtle fragrance.

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But for sakurayu or sakura tea just put a blossom or two in a cup of hot water.

Japanese sakura tree leaves. After the petals and leaves undergo a process called shiozuke 塩漬け or brining you get pickles called sakurazuke 桜漬け sakurazuke has a distinctive aroma and is used in pastries or sweets called sakura mochi 桜餅 which is shown in the image above. Japan alone has over 100 varieties of cherry trees. In many towns cherry blossom festivals are also held and night time light ups create an ethereal atmosphere as the delicate blossoms shine through the gloom.

They are widely distributed especially in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere including japan taiwan korea mainland china nepal india pakistan afghanistan iran myanmar thailand europe. It s also a big reason why travellers dream of visiting. You can eat sakura petals and leaves.

Sakura mochi is a japanese treat which is red bean curd either. Sakura themed bento lunch boxes are also popular with blossom shaped food or pink decorations. Identify japanese cherry trees.

The japanese cherry blossom tree is one of the country s most iconic symbols and is often regarded as its unofficial national flower. The blossoms on the tree s characteristic drooping branches are the official flower of kyoto prefecture. The fruit of the prunus serrulate japanese sakura the sakuranbo has differences to the prunus avium wild cherry in that sakuranbo are smaller in size and are bitter in taste to the.

Japanese cherry trees prunus serrulata belong to the rose family and are known for their masses of white and pink spring blossoms. They are also commonly seen at cherry blossom festivals around the united states and they are designed to have very showy flowers. This is a sakuramochi an an sweet bean paste filled mochi cake wrapped in a sakura leaf.

Japanese cherry blossoms are as large as carnations. It is also common to eat sakura mochi a rice cake wrapped in the leaf of a sakura tree. These flowering ornamental trees.

They are white to pink with five petals in the wild type tree. The easiest way to enjoy the taste of sakura in japan is via wagashi traditional japanese sweets. A cherry blossom is a flower of many trees of genus prunus the most well known species is the japanese cherry prunus serrulata which is commonly called sakura 桜 or 櫻.

The english name for this variety is the japanese weeping cherry tree and it is easy to see why. The symbolism associated with this tree owes much to this recurrence and to the value it represents for the japanese. Japanese cherry tree facts.

The flowers are produced in racemose clusters of two to five together at nodes on short spurs in spring at the same time as the new leaves appear. These sakura blossoms bloom fairly early in the season about a week before the somei yoshino the most famous shidarezakura is the miharu takizakura miharu waterfall cherry tree in fukushima.

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