Krylon Spray Paints: Chalky Finish and Sea Glass Spray

I could not tell you what we were shopping for when I saw Krylon Spray Paints the display of Krylon Sea Glass Sprays at our local Fleet Farm. I didn’t grab one right away but it was all I thought about until I did! $9.99, they come in 8 colors. I chose the Aqua shade & while I was at it, I grabbed a White Chalky Finish spray and two different Wax Coat sprays. I narrowed down what I wanted to transform and ended up with three successful, easy Krylon Spray Paints projects that I love.

Sea Glass Finish:

The aqua color is beautiful! I used this spray on a small vase and a flat glass plate that I set a small lamp on. The finish has not scuffed off at all a month later and I like the matte but ever-so-colorful finish! It looks like sea glass–the instructions say to only apply this to smooth glass surfaces used for interior decoration. (15 min. dry time)

Chalky Finish & Wax Coat:

I picked up white with a clear wax coat spray but there are 16 colors available in this line. I used the white spray & clear wax on a small end table/cabinet that I have moved with me for years but never really wanted to display, until now! 5 coats and some mild scuffing with sandpaper and it was looking fantastic. It really took on a distressed look once I applied the clear wax coat spray. It turned out exactly like I wanted. I love the finished project but if I was to do a larger surface I would want to try out liquid paint. The spray paint can be patchy at times. (1 hr dry time on the chalky paint and 1/2 hour dry time on the wax)

Krylon Spray Paints

Krylon Spray Paints

Krylon Projects and Cheesy Bread Pics-009-150x150 Krylon Projects and Cheesy Bread Pics-011-150x150 Krylon Projects and Cheesy Bread Pics-015-150x150 Krylon Projects and Cheesy Bread Pics-033-150x150

Dark Brown Chalky Finish Paint Finishing Wax:

The wax spray only comes in natural or dark brown but that was perfect for my purposes. I have an old bookshelf that was still structurally sound but was scratched terribly & had lost most of its shine. I applied two coats the dark brown wax spray, buffing it in with an old t-shirt and it looks amazing. Most of the small to medium scratches disappeared and the entire bookshelf looks Krylon Dark Brown Wax Coat Spraydeeper in color, with boosted all over shine. This is great for touching up a favorite piece of wood furniture instead of refinishing it!

These paints dry fast and my projects look brand new a month on. They left no odor of paint after the first day I brought them inside. I have had no color transfer or scuffing of the paint after touching, moving, and filling them with their original belongings. I really like all of these sprays!

Krylon Spray Paints Video

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