Liquid African Black Soap

For some time I have been interested in trying out African Black Soap and unrefined shea butter. I wanted DIY projects where I could create a more natural, safe option for soap, shampoo, and body lotion. After researching my options I chose to go with Coastal Scents for my soap and shea butter.

I decided to liquify my African Black Soap so I could use it on my hair, face, and body. To make my liquid soap I used 1 part crumbled soap to 2 parts water and added a small amount of Burt’s Bees Vitamin E & Lemon Oil. I let the soap dissolve for 2 days (I should have crumbled my pieces smaller.) I then transferred the liquid to an old soap container and use it in the shower daily.

African Black Soap Uses:


As a shampoo I get a decent lather and it is not overly stripping–I African Black Soapwas not pleased with attempting to use Dr. Bronner’s soap as a shampoo in an attempt to use a more natural product and after trying baking soda as a natural scalp cleanser I was ready for shampoo again.

 Facial Cleanser

This soap is wonderful on the face–not drying and it has significantly cleared up my forehead acne.


Body Wash

There is a natural nutty smell to the soap and it lathers really well.



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