L’Oreal False Fiber Lashes

I love a good mascara! Minimal makeup for me includes a light face, mascara, & lip gloss. A good mascara can lengthen or add volume to your lashes; bringing out the eyes in a major way–without false lashes. It was not until recently when I saw Jackie from Makeup Game on Point’s video on which mascara does what for your lashes that it all really made sense. I had been in the market for a fiber mascara and after watching countless reviews I settled on the L’Oreal False Fiber Lashes ($8.99 at my local CVS.)

A repeat recommendation was to apply any fiber mascara over another mascara (to avoid fall out & encourage the fibers to adhere better to the lashes,) so I choose two mascaras to pair with the L’Oreal: The Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara ($2.99 at Walgreens) and the Covergirl Lash Blast Length (around $6-8.) I started the trials with the two base mascaras and ended with the fiber mascara.

I had great luck with both combinations, but the pairing of the lengthening mascara with the fiber mascara was the clear winner. My pictures do not do this pairing justice. The added length from the Lash Blast paired with the extremely volumizing False Fiber Lashes looked neater, more separated, and prettier. Both combos were good and both of them went through the ringer–I had a huge snowfall to keep up with today and neither pairing bled, flaked, transferred, or wore off in rainy, icy, snowy, windy conditions. Neither combo irritated my eyes (certain mascaras like the Maybelline Falsies make my eyes burn even though they look beautiful on my lashes) and I am happy I tried out the L’Oreal False Fiber Lashes–one of my all-time favorite mascaras is the L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara & this is very similar in effect.

Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-023

Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-007a-225x300 Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-015a-225x300  Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-019-289x300  Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-016-300x225 Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-028-300x225 Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-040a-300x126Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-023a-300x153 Face Kitty Ball Play Mascara Pics-041a-225x300

The False Fiber Lashes was easy to apply but it definitely benefited from the separation of using a lengthening mascara first. It stayed put and it did not irritate my eyes. It was easy to remove with a homemade eye makeup remover solution of witch hazel and olive oil. It is fairly priced and beautifully packaged, and the mascara adds amazing volume; filling out my lashes and drawing emphasis to my eyes. This is a review of the False Fiber Lashes but let me point out how wonderful that Jordana mascara is! You can not beat the price and the quality surpasses many high-end mascaras. I often layer my mascaras & this is always in my rotation. If I won the lottery I would go back to Lancome mascara, but until then I will definitely stick with L’Oreal.

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