Lotus Leggings FAIL

Lotus Leggings Fail

Lotus Leggings took my order, took my money, sent out an e-mail that the leggings were “on their way” and then refused to answer my e-mails when I inquired about the missing leggings.* All I got was a Lotus Leggings FAIL. Luckily I only ordered one pair, on sale. They have a great website with neat photos but check out other reviews from people who have received their products before you order! Alleged inconsistent sizing, extreme transparency & quality issues abound.

The order was placed on December 2. I will probably never receive the candy striped leggings that I ordered. I honestly was ready to put in a second order as soon as they arrived & I got to try them on. Lotus Leggings will never receive another order from me. I did note that it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the leggings but it has been 11 weeks and they refuse to answer my correspondence or refund my money. Lotus Leggings does not have a contact phone number listed on their site, only an e-mail contact form.

*UPDATE* Nearly 3 months after ordering, on Wednesday March 1, I received contact from Lotus Leggings offering to ship the leggings (it could take up to 14 days) or be refunded my money. I have requested a refund. [screenshots below]


Lotus Leggings FAIL:


Lotus Leggings Fail
The Style I Ordered



Lotus Leggings Fail




Lotus Leggings Fail




Lotus Leggings Fail



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Lotus Leggings Fail


Lotus Leggings Fail


I have got to stop assuming that a company is trustworthy because they invest all of their money in online advertising! Lotus Leggings has a ton of online ads and their social media pages only show happy customers and free giveaways. I wonder where all of the negative comments, reviews, and inquiries go?  I placed an order because leggings are a winter staple for me. When the weather drops below zero, I layer up. On the bright side, I ended up trying and absolutely loving the Cuddl Duds FlexFit tops & leggings. They are attractive, sturdy, comfortable, warm, and they fit well.

I am pleased that I have been offered a refund but I still believe Lotus Leggings need to improve their overall customer service, respond to customers, and refund everyone else who is waiting. I believe my order is being refunded because it was under $10.

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    1. Keep popping out on my newsfeed and tried to order. But when I check out to process for payment then it doesn’t show the currency that I wanted it .. Still very doubtful.

  1. Same story here with Lotus Leggings – ordered in Dec and then when I inquired about delivery received the same email you did. Also received another (after my 8th email) giving me another excuse and offering me vouchers and discounts – they expect me to give them another chance to steal my money! Now they just don’t bother to respond to my mails or messages on facebook.

    1. The discount would be great if it was offered after the first e-mail. A discount on a second order when I never received my first is laughable! I hate how negative the experience is for so many people. There are a LOT of people who have never received their merchandise & that is SO WRONG. Thanks for commenting–it makes me feel less crazy for getting so frustrated & angry. I avoid negative posts but I want to prevent people from making the same mistake…

  2. I have paid $55 and not received my leggings. They deleted my posts and blocked me on their Facebook Page. Please report them to Facebook for scamming people.

  3. Same experience! Ordered for a Christmas Gift and after emailing and leaving a negative review on all the FB posts I got a message stating they would reship out. That was Feb 2nd and its now mid March. No Leggings or tracking # as promised again.

    1. It is a staggering amount of money that they are making off of disappearing products! Ordering leggings should never be so stressful!!

  4. Still waiting for my order. I am going to try the route of asking my bank not to honour the payment now. They dont respond to the emails I sent and do not have a call number. But they are advertising like crazy and now just tried the instagram avenue to write to them as I see they are advertising there now. BIG FAIL!!!

  5. I got scammed for $75.00. This is the worst company to deal with. They have no phone number and they don’t answer emails. Do Not ever buy from this company!

  6. I got scammed for $60.00. I do not received my leggings. They deleted my posts and blocked me on their Facebook Page. I ve reported them to Facebook for scamming people..me and many of my friends..bet other scammed people dod the same ….strange ..they are still there.on Fb..doing what they do best…stealing from people.

  7. Same story here! Order December 18 and I’m still yet to see these leggings! Emailed, facebooked messaged, and even wrote them on instagram. Only received 2 messages via Facebook from them and it was almost identical to your responses. Unbelievable this company is. I too have looked for any negative feedback from them and I didn’t come across not 1 untill I just saw this.

  8. Be careful. Orders don’t arrive, they tell you they have refunded and when nothing arrjves back on your credit card, they pretend there is a problem with your card and ignore your emails telling you they will just ship again ‘at no extra charge!!!!’ 3 MONTHS AFTER ORIGINAL ORDER!! Cheats and liars.

    This is what I have posted on their page. They offered me a refund too but it never showed. Nearly 50 euros on order.

  9. I got my order 2 months later. Their tracker is not updated, so I thought my order wouldn’t reach me. When I got it, the package arrived in my country a month later I ordered. But it still took 1 more month before customs/local post office sent me the notice that my package arrived. Apparently, they said it takes 2 weeks or more since I’m from Asia. The package came from China, by the way.

  10. Ordered in December. Till now, i still have not received anything from it. Very bad. Emailed them already but always no reply or different ppl followed up. Is it a scam company?

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