Lotus Leggings FAIL

Lotus Leggings took my order, took my money, sent out an e-mail that the leggings were “on their way” and then refused to answer my e-mails when I inquired about the missing leggings.* All I got was a Lotus Leggings FAIL. Luckily I only ordered one pair, on sale. They have a great website with neat photos but check out other reviews from people who have received their products before you order! Alleged inconsistent sizing, extreme transparency & quality issues abound.

The order was placed on December 2. I will probably never receive the candy-striped leggings that I ordered. I honestly was ready to put in a second order as soon as they arrived & I got to try them on. Lotus Leggings will never receive another order from me. I did note that it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the leggings but it has been 11 weeks and they refuse to answer my correspondence or refund my money. Lotus Leggings does not have a contact phone number listed on their site, only an e-mail contact form.

Lotus Leggings Fail

Lotus Leggings Fail

*UPDATE* Nearly 3 months after ordering, on Wednesday, March 1, I received contact from Lotus Leggings offering to ship the leggings (it could take up to 14 days) or be refunded my money. I have requested a refund. [screenshots below]

Lotus Leggings FAIL:

Lotus Leggings

Lotus Leggings

Lotus Leggings-300x300

Lotus Leggings-300×300

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I have got to stop assuming that a company is trustworthy because they invest all of their money in online advertising! Lotus Leggings has a ton of online ads and their social media pages only show happy customers and free giveaways. I wonder where all of the negative comments, reviews, and inquiries go? I placed an order because leggings are a winter staple for me. When the weather drops below zero, I layer up. On the bright side, I ended up trying and absolutely loving the Cuddl Duds FlexFit tops & leggings. They are attractive, sturdy, comfortable, warm, and they fit well.

I am pleased that I have been offered a refund but I still believe Lotus Leggings need to improve their overall customer service, respond to customers, and refund everyone else who is waiting. I believe my order is being refunded because it was under $10.

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