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I’m gonna be wearing to the gym, so a couple of my tips for going to the gym would be to dress really cute and that’s something that actually pushes me to go to the gym because I love fashion, I love you know everything that comes along with looking good and feeling good and just like dressing up in a way that expresses yourself. So putting that in to sort of something like boring and everyday like the gym, like there’s nothing exciting about going to the gym, but there is something exciting about leaving the gym and feeling great, and there’s also something exciting about you know having these cute outfits, that you can kind of compile together and kind of have like you know something exciting about doing something that isn’t so exciting that was a lot of words.

So for this articles I did partner up with Lotus Leggings and they sent me a bunch of leggings on my choice that I liked and I wanted to try them on for you guys, and review them for you guys and let you know my thoughts about them, because this brand is very similar to the quality of fashion OVA things, and like you guys know I preach about fashion OVA. When they reached out to me, I was like okay well you know, why I really want to give this a try because I haven’t dabbled into a bunch of different legging brands honestly, the only legging brands that I ever wear Lululemon and those are amazing qualities.

So I’m gonna be using you know top quality products to sort of compare these items to and the cool thing about these are they’re a little bit more unique and different, and they’re really pretty. So I wanted to kind of step outside of my comfort zone and be like okay, you know what you can you know sort of customize these really nice outfits for the gym with leggings that are a little bit more cue and outgoing, and just like bold.

So I really love the ones that I picked and I want to share them with you guys, so if you guys want to see all the leggings that I picked, you want to see them on this is a try on haul as well, and if I have any discount codes I’ll paste them here and I’ll also have them in the downbar. So if you guys want to grab any other leggings, you can get a discount on them. So I really love this brand because they have like every single size including a plus sizes, so that you can get leggings no matter what your size is because health and fitness, and like you know leggings it doesn’t matter what size you are it’s, it’s just about feeling healthy and getting healthier and proving the goals that you already had, so I love the fact that they have every size that you could possibly want, and I also have a really good message which is like empowering women and motivating women there’s nothing like pointy on a really amazing brand.

They’re based in the US and they actually work with partners all over the world and the other thing about them is that you can not only go online and pick whatever leggings you want in your size, you can also kind of do the lotus-like traits, so it’s kind of like a subscription box where you kind of just choose your favorite plan and there’s plans that start at only $10, you can work your way up depending on what you want, and then a customized box will come to you, every single month with leggings that they think that you would like and all their leggings are really cute.

Lotus Leggings

So that’s an amazing option as well and they’re also really amazing gift especially near the holiday time, you can send out boxes for one month, three months, six months, and even a year worth of leggings. So I think that would be an amazing box kept like a girlfriend or a friend that you know really loves leggings, or just for yourself because honestly everyone loves leggings, so without further ado, I’m gonna grab some of the leggings, I’m gonna show them to you guys, and I’m going to try them on, so let’s get right on into it.

So here are the first pair of leggings they’re black and they have pink flowers on them with little green leaves, they’re like light pink flowers and they have two little like cuts that are sheer, so you can kind of see your leg and then they go all the way down to the bottom, so super cute I really love these and like they feel really soft too but they feel like a little bit spandexy as well, so that they’ll be able to fit and stretch and be comfortable, when you’re working out and I got these in a size small.

I got all my leggings in a size small, so these are so cute I really really love these lines, I think these would be cute with like a black shirt and maybe like white shoes or even like a white or black crop top with some sneakers really cute and like the cool things about this is like you don’t have to just release in the gym, you could wear these casually too, and it would look really cute in my opinion okay, so the only parent that I got that was like a two-piece type deal was this pink one, this is a pink bra and it has their little Lotus legging.

I don’t even know what I’m saying there’s a little logo on there I guess and the front looks like this and then the back is like crisscross, it’s really cute and this pink is like so cute, like it’s a bubblegum pink so pretty, and then it came with the leggings that are also the same sort of bubblegum pink color and these have pockets on the side. So you can put your phone in while you’re working out which I really love because I have a few pair of tights like that, and they’re so amazing in the gym because you never know where to put your phone and there’s a bunch of like different lines going through this side.

So it kind of just like sculpt out where they’re supposed to be and these kind of sit right above your ankle which I really love like they’re not too long and they don’t go all the way to like drop under your ankle, because then it’s like I don’t like that, when you have like shoes on you know what I mean and yeah these are cute as well, so I would probably wear this as a two-piece set. If I wanted to be super extra and also like I said you obviously don’t doing these to be sets as a gym leggings can be worn anywhere but this is just stuff that I would wear particularly in the gym, and then outside of the gym as well okay.

So the next pair that I got is super spandex II and this one’s so cool it’s a black cat, so it’s just like a roll ring on the side who I love, that it’s so fierce and then their logos right there the one thing that I would say is I don’t like how big and bulky the logo is but that’s just my opinion, I’m not really big on the whole Oh thing, but because it’s like amazing quality I know that I’ll still wear them these ones are a little bit shinier and I love the cat, like the cat is giving me life right.

Now it’s so fierce and it’s I would’ve his eyes, it’s like right in the back, so when you have it on it looks really cute and it’s just black and tight and these are just like simple, but yet so cute and once again not too long, not too excessive, I really love these and I think these would look so cute the next pair that I got are kind of really similar to that pair except these are full-on cheetah the top band on this one is a little bit like more scrunchie.

So these I wouldn’t wear to the gym, these I would wear casually but you could definitely wear them to the gym too these have cheetahs, so sweet down each side I think they’re really like fierce a kind of Cougars. I kind of like it that like I think,

I don’t know how much you said would get out of these but they’re definitely cute, they’re a bit different they’re kind of like yeah cougar ask I mean there’s a cougar on them.

So obviously like what did I expect I ordered these, but they’re really cute, I don’t know there’s something about these that like I really love, so the next pair I would definitely wear to the gym because of this thick band at the top and these just have like really nice cultural type piece, I mean some people would think, this is really cute some people would think that this is offensive, so please don’t get it funded I literally just got it because I thought it was really cute and I think it’s like, I don’t know it’s so like beautiful, it’s just beautiful the print is amazing.

I really didn’t expect the print to come up that’s nice and they’re very soft, so I love this and you’re definitely gonna get use out of this casually and in the gym, the next one that I got is just a plain black one, these ones are really good quality as well they have this slits on each side.

So that you can kind of see through them as a bit sheer and they’re just playing black, so I really like the fact that they just have plain ones as well that are really amazing quality love these super cute, super classy basic, you can wear these casually, you can wear these to the gym, you can pair this with basically any outfit to the gym and any shoes, but super cute as well I’m feeling really mellow.

Today that’s why I’m talking slowly casually and then the last pair that I got is this pair, it is a gun, so this one has a gun and it’s kind of like a waist drop and the other side, let me try to hold it properly has a like, I think this is like a ak-47 or something. I really don’t know anything about guns, but it’s like a long gun really nice, it’s really cute and different as well where this is the gym kind of just like you know, if you go to the gym you go ham in your workout and you’re wearing this, it’s like what up kind of just like man in everyone’s face is it really like that, so yeah this one’s pretty as well and like the material is so amazing this is definitely not gonna fade after a few washes or anything it’s really amazing, it’s just cool material this one’s a little bit thicker than the rest and yeah I really love this one. So yeah guys that is all the leggings, I got from Lotus leggings, I hope you guys enjoyed.

Lotus Leggings Reviews

Lotus Leggings Reviews

I thought that I would do soft like a little mini haul kind of articles and I caught some leggings from Lotus leggings and I thought that maybe some of you would like to see what that like the quality and stuff and generally, I don’t usually do many clothing reviews, but yeah I thought I just show you what I got. So I’m not gonna lie I ordered the totally wrong size in all of these, I’m generally like an 8 to 10, maybe more of a 10.

Now really and I got them in a small so they don’t really fit, if I was gonna order again I’d probably get the next size up the medium ones and because the one thing about these leggings, that’s really good is actually the one thing that annoys me cause I got the wrong side, which I will show you in a minute but yeah and you guys, I got these ones which sort of like Beetlejuice kind of just stripy black and white and all of them are very I don’t know what’s the word like silky kind of you know like a swimming costume like really stretchy.

Now I do love these okay, so like these are weird the black and white stripes all of it, but they have a logo on which I’m not sure how I feel about that and it’s like a blue little lotus flower looking thing that says Lotus leggings on it, and it doesn’t come off it’s not like a sticker, it’s like forever on there which if you’re wearing a bit of a creepy outfit as unless you know the top goes down over here, and that is gonna be on show generally I wear a lot of crop tops and stuff, so that’s gonna be out which I don’t know, I kind of wish that wasn’t on there a little bit but whatever and so they’re a really good length I’m like 5 foot 3.

I’m quite small and these are okay to wear still, you could definitely get taller girls in this though because there is a bit of like a crinkling going on at the bottom where I’m too short for them, and but they do fit even though I’m like a little bit too big for these, they do still fit because they’re really stretchy but I just think next time if I was gonna get some again, I would definitely get a medium and so I’ve got those ones anyway they’re the Beetlejuice kind of looking ones, and then the next ones, I got these ones which are like a haunted house kind of scene, so they have a little house on here and then on the other side is some trees at the top and then at the bottom, there’s like these creepy well, this one’s got like a creepy girl and a gravestone and this one is got is that another creepy girl, no that one’s like a little angel.

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I think like a gravestone sort of angel, there’s a skeleton down here, so yep use these ones and then the next ones I got these now these are just plain black and then at the back on the bottom, they have these white divers, I think these ones will actually my favorite, and then I have these ones which were called and reduce the ones I think and they are like a whitey ice blue kinda color they have little skulls on and they look like this and then on the sides of the legs, they have a Medusa with her sneaky kind of looking hair, they are the same on each like they’re a bit mermaid II sort of look in these ones, but yeah so my one thing like I said that’s weird about these ones perfectly fine, because they’re white these ones again pretty okay, these ones do it a little bit but these black ones which one my favorite are the worst for it.

So they’ve done this thing where they have a white inside, so the black on the outside but they are white inside, so they’re not like leggings where if you bend over everyone can see everything because they’ve got like an inner thing on them, so you can’t see through them which is great that’s like who wouldn’t want that’s awesome but because these don’t fit me and I stretch them out so much, because of me buying the wrong size the white kind of shows through and it makes them look like a denim kind of color and on the bottom well, you can see it they’re actually a little bit it kind of makes them look a bit stripy, down here my leg stretch them out so much, that they’ve literally got lines in them.

When I’m wearing them and like white lines which is totally my fault, if I’d have bought the right size that would be awesome, they’ve got this in here, cuz everyone can’t see like your underwear and stuff, but that’s like I said me being stupid, that’s not against these at all. I would definitely buy them again and they were super comfy and the fit even though,

I’ve got a little ones by accident was very good and you can’t see through them and they’re very shiny and yeah I don’t know that it’s pretty cool, like I said no problem with these ones because they are mainly white anyway and these ones are very icy colored.

So even if they do stretch too much I don’t know see it does still do it a little bit, you can see the white through there it’s just me ordering the wrong size because I think that I’m skinnier than I am foot anyway. I said I think the black ones are my favorite I’m probably like the Beetlejuice stripy ones are pretty cool, as well they’re probably my second favorite not sure about the logo on there but I’ll just have to wear longer touch with those and not crop that points, so yeah I hope you enjoyed.

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