Love Survives–Dear Fat People

I do not care for the Dear Fat People video that is plastered all overlilies social media right now. I do not find it funny, thought provoking, positive, I do not relate to it, and the best way I can describe the video is: trying too hard. Sometimes I laugh when someone pokes fun at themself or if I can personally relate to subject matter, but I try my hardest to never purposefully condemn someone.

The truth is, when we settle into comfortableness with judging and ridiculing everyone over everything, we turn into unpleasant, bitter, nasty people. Laughing is great. Walking around, tearing people down over superficial appearances that we do not know the backstory on is irresponsible at best. There are healthy people who have the luxury of obtaining a certain healthy appearance with hard work and dedication. There are sick people (who chose not to announce their illness) who are overweight, underweight, bald, pale, red, out of breath, tired, or just generally “out of it” for circumstances beyond their control.

I say, be passionate about every healthy, positive, empowering aspect of life that works for you. Leave your judgement of superficial appearances at the door or destroy them all together. None of us should temper our love for someone who gifted us with friendship, guidance, acceptance, or valuable life lessons with how their appearance measures against society’s rules. And no, I do not hate the “comedienne” who made the video. I just don’t laugh with her.

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