Magnetic Sewing Boxes: A great alternative to the Z Palette

Magnetic Sewing Box

I am completely new to using a magnetic make up palette. I had never tried MAC, Inglot, or MakeUp Geek eye shadows. Magnetic palettes were not on my radar. Then my birthday rolled around this year. I really wanted to try the MakeUp Geek shadows.  I told my family that I would take care of the storage if they chose to gift me some eye shadow pans. Individual eye shadows cost more if you buy them in a container. If you just buy the shadow pans you can add them to your own customize-able magnetic palette. Z  Palettes are the big name in magnetic palettes and they run between $15-30. The large size ($20-25) is made to hold 28 standard round pans.


That is great if you have a collection of these eye Sew-lutions Magnetic Sewing Box for Eyeshadowsshadow or blush pans. I have a starter collection of 4 MakeUp Geek foiled eye shadows. I watched tutorials on how to make your own Z Palette, researched alternatives, and chose to try out a magnetic sewing box:  The Sew-lutions Magnetic Box by Art Bin ($9.99 at Joann Fabrics.)








The MakeUp Geek shadows stay put in this baby. It is highly magnetic and it would hold up to 18 standard round shadow pans. I did not need to adhere magnetic stickers to the bottom of the pans. The box is durable, easy to open, and a cute transparent pink shade. My understanding is that the MUG shadow pans are more magnetic than the competition. This has been a wonderful intro to magnetic palettes all-around. I got to try & fall inSew-Lutions Magnetic Sewing Box for Eyeshadow Storage love with the MUG shadows and found an affordable alternative to a Z Palette all in one go.








I love having this option for housing my individual pan makeup. I am eager to try the MakeUp Geek blushes and I still have plenty of room waiting for them. I will be doing a review of the foiled MUG shadows as well as a couple of the new NYX Prismatic eye shadows in the near future.



UPDATE 09/30/2015:

I am still thoroughly enjoying using this medium to hold my Sew-Lutions Magnetic Sewing Box for Eyeshadow Storageindividual pan makeup! I have since purchased Coastal Scents Hot Pots & additional Makeup Geek shadows (+one blush) and added them to the box. Both Coastal Scents & Makeup Geek products stay put and even made it through a scary episode where I dropped the box (hard) on the ground. I had no damage & everything stayed in its spot. I currently have 16 shadows & one blush residing in my Sew-lutions box. I continue to highly recommend this product.


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