Manipulation is bad. It sucks! Stepping on other people to achieve a selfish goal, lying, feigning suffering, distracting people from truth–they are all manipulation tactics. No one likes them, not on paper at least. I believe that most people try to influence other people to create a better existence, not just one that favors them. I have been reading up a lot recently on relationships and the psychology behind different behaviors (I am strange like that—I love social psychology.) Sometimes people manipulate/deceive without realizing it. Setting high personal standards, trying to decrease the drama-level in our lives, and attempting to make decisions based on what is truly best (not just what we want,) we can stop ourselves from manipulating situations selfishly and better recognize when other people do it to us.

I love to see people treat one another kindly. I am emotionally touched by selfless positive behavior that expects no applause. When we are manipulated by someone else’s negative behavior or drama, it can take a toll on our personal lives. We can drown in worry & anxiety if we aren’t careful. Relationships are constantly changing—but we have to live our lives joyfully irregardless of other people’s situations.  I believe that our best bet is to establish and maintain (!) our own healthy environment. With that foundation and knowing that everyday of our life is blessed we can better influence and direct those in need.  Action is where it’s at. No one learns the truth if they are not truly seeking it.

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