Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art is fun to create and I love using the Crayola Meltdown Crayons to create it! I love the basic project of attaching a row of crayons to the top of a large canvas & the rainbow wax effect produced. I wanted to take things a step further by creating decorative backgrounds, drawings, and unique canvases for my projects. You can decorate canvases before and after melting for a unique project.

If you live with your parents, PLEASE get permission from your parents & have them help you set up a covered work area! The melted crayon flies everywhere and this project involves heat. Your parents will appreciate a heads up that you are trying this out and might suggest an appropriate workspace! I covered my kitchen floor with an old shower curtain and used an extra large flattened moving box as my backdrop. I only had a few droplets of melted crayon on the floor.

You can attach the crayons with double-sided tape or a hot glue gun. There is a real possibility that the crayons will detach during melting either way. If you melt the crayon completely, you will see whatever it was attached to. You can also use a pair of tweezers to draw with the crayon as it melts. This project uses heat & produces a melted hot wax. Using metal tweezers with a blow dryer will result in hot tweezers. Be cautious when creating your melted crayon art projects and cover your workspace, then you can have a blast melting those crayons!

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art


  • Crayola Meltdown Art Set $10.86 (Amazon): Includes 3 very small canvases, 3 strips of double-sided foam tape, 6 pearlized paints w/brush, 2 packs of Runny Rainbow & 1 pack of Neon Soup (8 crayons each.)
  • Lime Slime pack of 8 $0.99/ea. ( Includes a variety of Green Tones, Including 1 Metallic & 1 Glitter Crayon (I ordered the Molten Metals but received the Lime Slime. I kept them for the low price. Meltdown Crayons are hard to find locally & the nearest Target store is a 45-minute drive.)
  • Glamour Ooze pack of 8 $5.96 ( Includes a Rainbow Colored Glitter Set.
  • Large white canvas–Walmart
  • Trimmed foam board–can be found by office supplies with the large sheets of craft paper in drugstores
  • Small 3×3 canvas–came in a boxed set of 12 from Amazon for $12.59
  • Metallic & Glitter Acrylic Paint–Michaels & Walmart
  • Chalk Markers & Sharpies, Mod Podge & Loose Glitter to decorate canvases
  • Old Shower Liner (around $2) to protect work area
  • Extra Large Flattened Moving Box to protect work area
  • I recommend using a hair dryer for melting. I mainly used a low airflow with a hot heat setting. *I also tried using my heat gun but it got too hot on the foam board, causing smoke & bubbling. A heat gun will also singe/burn wrappers left on the crayons.*

Prepare your Melted Crayon Art workspace

  1. Find an appropriate workspace where you can be a bit messy.
  2. Set up near an electrical outlet as a hairdryer is used.
  3. Cover your work surface with recycled newspaper, drop cloth, an old shower curtain, etc. I used an old shower liner on the floor & an extra large flattened moving box as my backdrop. The tiny droplets of melted wax are hot & they scatter far and wide. The few droplets of wax that ended up on my kitchen floor were easily removed by scraping off the wax and washing the floor.

(Optional) Decorate your canvas

Customize your melted crayon art background with acrylic paint, markers, drawings or Mod Podge mixed with loose craft glitter. Allow backgrounds to dry thoroughly (24 hours) before melting crayons on top. You can also decorate after the crayons are melted.

  • Melt green crayons to create “flower stems.” Paint on flowers once the crayons are melted.
  • Draw an umbrella, paint can, etc. under the melted crayon.
  • Paint on a cloud, a dress, an ice cream cone, etc.. to melt the crayons on/under.

Touch up paint or drawings after the crayons are melted.

Melt your project

  1. Use double-sided foam tape or hot glue to attach the Crayola Crayons to the canvas board. Crayons without their wrappers melt more quickly but do not attach well to the foam tape.
  2. Remove wrappers by soaking the crayons in a bowl of hot tap water. The wrappers come off very easily! I also did a “free hand” melting by firmly holding the crayon with a pair of nail tweezers to move the wax around without gluing the crayon down.
  3. Don’t be afraid to break the crayons into smaller pieces that work best for your project.
  4. Prop up your canvas so that melting crayon wax drips down the canvas board in the direction you want.
  5. Melt the crayons by holding a hairdryer 1 to 3 inches away from the crayons. The wax will slowly begin to melt and drip down the canvas. Be sure to point the hairdryer’s airflow at the canvas in a downward angle—not straight on— to avoid unwanted splatters. (Be careful! Melted crayon wax can be hot to the touch.)
  6. Continue melting the crayons until you have achieved the desired effect. Allow the wax to cool completely before handling the canvas.

Melted Crayon Art: Before & After

The medium to large sized canvases worked best for me. I did try out one of my 3×3 canvases and the workspace was a little cramped for my liking.

For the small canvases included in the Crayola set, I broke the crayons before attaching them to the foam tape.

Melted crayon art is fun, relaxing and easy! If you like melting things, painting, creating, and you love working with color then this project is for you! You can use regular crayons. I have only tried the Crayola meltdown collection. The Pearl FX paint that comes with the Meltdown Set is a shimmery, sheer wash of color that is great for accenting your melted projects.

Melted Crayon Art Video

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