Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

I felt like creating with mica in mid-November and I ended up making some metallic loose shadow toppers. Cosmetic companies are dropping tons of new products this time of year. I wanted to try so many different iridescent, metallic, and glowy products. Instead of checking out my many started carts, I removed the items and created something myself.

The metallic loose shadow toppers have the best effect over a glitter eye primer (Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, E.L.F. Glitter Primer, Too Faced Glitter Glue.) They also apply beautifully as a loose highlighter. The powders are significantly more sheer when used without a glitter primer. There is a subtle color shift and they have a highly metallic effect.


Metallic Loose Eye Shadow Toppers




Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers


ITEMS USED:Mini Spoon 5 Conversions

[All Powders Were Purchased Through TKB Trading]

  • Kare & Kind 5 gram containers ($12.99/48 on Amazon)
  • Craft Sticks ($1 Store)
  • Container for Mixing
  • Mini Spoon 5
  • MyMix Press Base & Pashmica base powders:

MyMix Press Base is a blend of Mica, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin Clay, Silicon Dioxide, Allantoin, and Carnauba Wax. Calcium Carbonate & Kaolin Clay aid in oil control. Silicon Dioxide works as an anti-caking & opacifying agent. Zinc Stearate prevents creasing or shadow flaking off, enhancing the color and texture of the shadow. The Allantoin is soothing & makes skin feel soft and the Carnauba Wax helps the powder adhere to your skin.

Pashmica is a mix of Natural Mica with Silica. The combination results in a soft feeling, soft-focus glowy powder.

  • Colored & Color Shifting Micas:

The Planetary Sampler and Interference Basic Seven (7 Hilite Collection) Micas are white appearing and have a colored shift.

The Interference Extra Six Collection shades are similar but include sparkle.

Extra Bright will soften the final tone by brightening the shade with a glowy shimmer effect.





To create the loose eye shadows, I measured the powders into a small container and mixed with a craft stick for several minutes until fully combined. The shadows were then carefully scooped into 5 gram containers.

Three of the four shadows contain base powders. Lilac does not and I feel like the base powders really boost the opacity of the final product. The toppers are very loose & flyaway when they are first created but as they settle in their smaller containers there is much less fall-out when applying.



Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers





Copper Rose







Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

  • 1 Smidgen Pashmica
  • 1 Smidgen MyMix Press Base
  • 1 Pinch Extra Bright
  • 1 Smidgen Cotton Candy
  • 1 Smidgen Shimmer Tangerine Pop
  • 1 Pinch  Calliope
  • 1 Pinch Travel to Mercury
  • 1 Dash Hilite Orange












Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

  • 1 Smidgen Pashmica
  • 1 Smidgen MyMix Press Base
  • 1 Pinch Extra Bright
  • 1 Pinch Ocean Green
  • 1 Smidgen Shimmer Apple Pop
  • 1 Smidgen Coral Reef Blue
  • 1 Dash Hilite Green
  • 1 Dash Sparkle Turquoise





Lemon Chrome







Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

  • 1 Pinch Pashmica
  • 1 Smidgen MyMix Press Base
  • 1 Dash Extra Bright
  • 1 Tad Shimmer Lemon Pop
  • 3 Pinch Mermaid’s Gold
  • 1 Pinch Hilite Gold






DIY Holographic Eye Shadow
Pressed Version











Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers

  • 1 Dash Travel to Venus
  • 1 Tad Extra Bright
  • 2 Tad Hilite Blue
  • 1 Dash Pink Red Blue








Glitter Primer used on the Right

Finger Swatches on the Left


Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers



Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers


Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers



Metallic Loose Shadow Toppers



Creating and wearing these metallic loose shadow toppers has been so much fun! They look great all over the lid or popped in the center of the lid with a finger tip or a flat shader brush. They are in full effect when used over a dark shadow/base. The metallic eye shadow toppers stick well to glitter primer but they are somewhat sheer without it.

I love creating with mica powders and I got the iridescent glow that I wanted. I can not recommend the TKB Trading Interference & Planetary Collections enough for creating color-shifting shadows or highlighters! They are beautiful and add something very special to your finished product. Use more of the interference shades for an ethereal, light-opacity product and up the colored micas for an opaque, metallic finish.



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