Rimmel Mintilicious & Maybelline Glitter Top Coats

When I think of the color “mint” I think of a pale green. Fortunately for me, the Rimmel Mintilicious cosmetics industries tends to include items that verge on a Tiffany blue as being in the “mint” category. I have been wanting a decent mint/Tiffany blue nail polish for some time.

Awhile ago I picked up NYC’s Long Wearing Polish in shade #151 “Skyline Blue;” while it is a gorgeous color containing micro glitter in the bottle–it applies streaky & sheer. The formula is a nightmare to work with for me; it does not apply smoothly.

I was delighted when I eyed the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in shade #210 “Mintilicious” for $1.50 at Walmart. From the reviews I have seen online it seems as though Rimmel has good and bad batches of this polish. For me–it applied opaque & smooth with one thick coat. I had no chipping issues and the color is as beautiful on my hands as it is in the bottle. (Mintilicious pictured with Nicole by OPI “Confetti Fun” on the accent nail.)

Not long after I found my perfect mint shade I decided to grab a couple new Maybelline Bronze Beam and Maybelline Gilded Roseglitter top coats. The Maybelline Color Show polishes I have are some of my favorites–solid colors or glitters. I grabbed the Limited Edition “Bronze Beam” (#758) and “Gilded Rose” (305.) They are both fabulous to work with; the glitter gives me no trouble and the top coat did not disturb my polish underneath.

The main difference between the two is that the Bronze Beam is a completely clear polish with large bronze/gold glitter and the Gilded Rose has a slightly iridescent pink base and rose gold glitter. If you are looking for a large amount of glitter pay off; neither compares to my Nicole by OPI “Confetti Fun” polish. But that is why we own more than one glitter polish; so we can have different looks! (Polishes shown left to right: Bronze Beam, Mintilicious, Gilded Rose.)



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