Moving Tips

I have had 6 luxurious weeks to plan out our move for this weekend. There are lots of moving tips out there but I have a couple of ideas to share since they are fresh on my brain. I tried to pack and clean as much as possible in advance. We have lived in our current location for five years and even though I clean regularly, I had to pull out the big guns to return our kitchen to a move-in-ready state. My tips are basic but might help streamline your next move.


  • Fan:

When cleaning the fan blades or fixtures, be sure to dry them thoroughly or they will immediately get covered in dust again. I scrubbed my glass diffuser pieces with baking soda & hydrogen peroxide, rinsed, and then washed them with soap and water.

  • Walls:

Our kitchen wallpaper has been a struggle to clean in the past. I’ve tried every cleaning product on the market. With the move coming, I ordered Dirtex powder through Amazon to really strip off any grime or discoloration. It mixes with water into a slightly sulfuric smelling wash that works wonders. After washing the walls with Dirtex, I went over them with a mixture of baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide.  The Dirtex made a huge difference and it must have loosened up any stains because when I went over the walls with the peroxide & baking soda, they lightened another 2-3 shades.

Living Room

  • Walls:

Washing the white walls with Dirtex brightened & lightened them several shades. Never forget to stock up on Magic Erasers when you have a major cleaning project! Any leftover spots or discolorations melted away permanently with the help of a Magic Eraser.


  • If you have advanced notice or plans to move, start saving plastic & paper bags! You will have increased loads of garbage & bags also make great packing material.
  • Amazon Boxes–they are a life saver! We have an Amazon Prime account (free shipping & faster shipping on Prime purchases) so we had quite the stock of small (smaller than a shoe box) boxes. I have used these boxes flat (to buffer fragile items) and I pack filled small boxes into a larger box. Boxes can make a great packing material. They help stabilize a box of fragile items, even if you simply place flattened boxes over the wrapped items.
  • When packing liquids, whenever possible, I removed the cap and placed a piece of Saran Wrap over the opening of the bottle before replacing the cap. This will prevent liquids from spilling & contaminating other items.
  • I have also used saved food containers and Tupperware to pack smaller and fragile items.
  • If you are forced to purchase moving boxes, stores like Home Depot sell sturdy boxes for around $1/each.


  • Use large flattened boxes to move furniture across carpeting, floors, and outdoor areas to prevent damage.
  • Contact utility, internet, etc. providers in advance so you do not have a break in service.
  • Change your address online for $1 with the Post Office so your mail will be forwarded until you notify your banks, credit card companies, etc.


Moving is a beast. No matter how much I  planned, it is hard when the actual move takes place over a couple of short days. I am grateful the forecast isn’t in the 90’s for the weekend and I pray we get it all done with no major issues!


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