Mung Bean Sprouts

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Sprouting is amazing! You take a dormant seed/bean, rinse it off, and then you start to grow a mini-plant. This little plant begins multiplying its nutrients and breaking down certain components; leading to easier digestion. Mung beans are easy to sprout, with a little patience. They are full of nutrients, including trace minerals that are hard to incorporate into your diet without them. Sprouted mung beans are high in fiber and vitamins C & K.

To produce sprouts, all you need is a sprouting jar (can be a mason jar with a screen lid,) mung beans, a bowl to set the jar in, and some water.

  1. Add 2-4 Tbsp Mung Beans to your sprouting jar
  2. Cover with 3x as much water as beans; soak overnight
  3. Rinse beans thoroughly and drain water out of a jar–set the sprouting jar at an angle in a bowl that is large enough that it won’t fall out
  4. Rinse beans twice a day for 2-3 days and return to a tilted stance in a bowl–how long it takes depends on temperature, humidity, etc…
  5. Place the clean mung beans in the refrigerator. They are bad when they start to turn brown, soften, and/or taste “off.”

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