My Favorite Brow Products 2015

I covered a lot of info about several of my favorite brow products NYX Eyebrow Gelin a recent post. I decided to do a demonstration with my three favorite brow products. There are a lot of products out there for sale but only three are my favorite.

Missing from my list of favorites is an eyebrow pencil. I was told wonderful things about the Lancome Le Crayon Poudre ($26 for .037 oz.) by a Sephora employee. That same day my sister & I discovered the fabulous Make Up Forever Aqua Brow ($20.) I still have not tried the Lancome pencil. If I was going to try a high-end brow pencil that would be it. He said it blows the popular competition away.

My eyebrows are okay. Not gorgeous like my sister’s. I over-tweezed them for many years and now they are sparse, patchy, and uneven. I’ve heard that you should expect your brows to be sisters, not twins. My eyebrows are distant third cousins. For an everyday solution I was grabbing my Maybelline Eye Shadow Browntones Duo in 70D (around $5.) It looks a little shimmery but applies a nice cool, ashy toned brown. NYX Brunette Tame & FrameIt is the only makeup item I have a back-up for.

I still reach for the eye shadow when I am in a big hurry. After discovering the NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade ($6.99) I use that just as often. When I have more time & patience I am a huge fan of brow gel (I am lumping my $20 MUF Aqua Brow and NYX’s Eyebrow Gel ($6.99) as one product because they are so similar and I have them in two very different shades.) The brow gel is the only truly waterproof product in my experience. The eye shadow and pomade are still long lasting. I typically don’t have to use a setting powder because my skin is dry.

I apply all three products with an angled or straight liner brush. The brushes I used in the video are: Maybelline Browntones Duo in 70D

  • The Loew-Cornell Soft Comfort Ang Shader 1/8″ ($2.99 at Joann Fabrics)
  • The Make Up Forever Angled Eyebrow Brush #270 ($21 at Sephora)–this is a firm brush that I mainly use with the Eyebrow Gels and the Pomade.
  • An Estee Lauder brush that I bought a decade ago–I use this for cleaning up the brow application with concealer

Details on the products:

Eye Shadow:

Most brown looking shadows apply a reddish, warm brown on the brows. The Maybelline Browntones Duo in 70D is a cool, ashy, medium & light brown duo that fills in my sparse brows. The shadow lasts all day but it will not let me reshape the brow on the outside. Any shadow outside of the brow is easily swept away with no trace of color left behind.


NYX is the only brow pomade I have tried. It applies with a medium pigmentation that is buildable. It is a creamy, mousse-like consistency similar to gel eyeliner. It is not too soft; you won’t make a mess if you work with a small, thin brush and apply it in small strokes. It dries slower than the brow gels and I am able to move the product once it is applied–making it an easy all-over favorite. I like to build up the mid-section and tail of the brow, using whatever is left on the brush for the tip. The great thing is–even if you start at the beginning of the brow you won’t look crazy because of its medium pigmentation! As with the brow gel, I can fill in above and below the natural brow (as well as inside) to recreate my brows. A little goes a long way but because it is not overly pigmented & does not dry instantly I can make corrections (or use concealer to clean up.) There was only a small learning curve to using this product.


The brow gels are an absolute favorite, but they are the hardest to use. They are the most pigmented and the quickest to dry–that is the problem. Once dried your new brows will not budge–the gels are truly waterproof but I have no trouble removing them with coconut oil or eye make up remover. They are simply harder to use because they dry so fast but they have great long-lasting, natural looking color pay-off. You can correct any sloppiness with concealer or foundation.


There are plenty of times I leave the house with absolutely no make up on, but if there is one thing I am going to touch up before leaving, it is my eyebrows. What are your favorite brow products?



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