My Favorite Highlighters 2015

Favorite Highlighters

A nicely placed highlight can bring out your facial features, brighten, and add a little glow, shimmer, or sparkle. I have tried a lot of highlighters. I like all kinds–cream, gel, and powder. When I apply the highlight, I want to see it. I do not want a light colored powder that just adds… powder to my face. I want an iridescent pop of shimmery (yet not too frosty) glow. I have some tried & true favorites that range in price from $1 to $30. My skin is a medium/olive tone and in the summer it is a deep tan. Many highlighters do not even show up on my complexion, but I have 6 to share that make it happen for me. Do keep in mind that the swatches on my hand are much bolder looking than how they apply to the face–These all have a beautiful finished application and color.


The Highlighters


Make Up For Ever Uplight Face Luminizer Gel in #32 Sparkling Golden Pink ($29):

I love this product. It gives a lightweight multi-dimensional glow that really shows. It is my fault that I chose a “sparkling” formula–To be honest this gel is glitter filled. It is a nice, fine glitter that does not irritate the skin. If you love glitter–a glitter formulation will be your best friend. There are 8 shades of Uplight, including dewy and pearl finishes. I love the color, which changes slightly with the light–it is a beautiful pink/coral/gold spectrum of color that photographs beautifully. I apply this over foundation for a bold look or mix it with foundation for a more subdued look. There could easily be too much glitter in the gel but I think it looks beautiful.


Makeup Forever Uplight


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer ($24):

The Balm calls this powder a honey-hued tone. It leaves a glowing, ethereal look that is unique to this product–There is no drugstore powder out there that leaves my skin so beautifully shimmery without overdoing it or leaving behind chunks of powder. I found mine at Kohl’s in a promotional buy one get one free offer with the Betty-Lou Manizer bronzer. That was a good day. 🙂


Mary-Lou Manizer


E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal ($1 at Target):

When E.L.F. first hit Target’s shelves, I had to try out many of their products. They range in price from $1-$6 and if you find a gem, you want to tell everyone because it is so very affordable. One of my favorite E.L.F. Products is this highlighter; more of a light, shimmery pink than a lilac, I love it. Applied with my fingers, this whip leaves a noticeable shimmer behind that dries quickly to a powder finish.


Lilac Petal


Benefit Watt’s Up ($30 at Sephora):

This cream to powder stick of champagne shimmer was a gift from my sister. It has a beautiful, diffused glow to it–but I will caution that it will most likely be too dark of a shade for any pale/light complexions. I apply it directly to my face or with my fingertips–It can be as bold or gentle as you want it to be.


Watt's Up


L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Strawberry Blonde (Limited Edition):

While this particular shade of shadow is not in their permanent collection, I thought it was a good illustration of how beauty products have multiple uses. This is a pressed pigment eye shadow that is silky smooth. It is a powder to cream formulation that I like to apply with clean fingertips. It is a light pink infused with shimmer & delicate sparkle. As an eye shadow it is too sheer for my liking. I loved the color but was stuck using it as a finishing touch over bolder colors. As a highlighter it is delicate but noticeable.


Strawberry Blonde



Ulta Illuminating Powder in Pink Diamond ($10 at Ulta):

Long, long, rambling story short–While shopping I thought I did not like pink highlighters. Looking at what I enjoy using, it makes perfect, complete sense that I would fall in love with this golden, pink powder. In the package it appears very pink, but it really borders more on a coral/golden-y pink shimmer. My favorite combination is to apply this high on my cheekbones and then apply the Mary-Lou Manizer at the top of the pink highlight. It is gorgeous; the glow is soft and healthy looking, not too pink/red.


Pink Diamond




If you enjoy using your highlighter on your checks, nose, forehead, chin & cupids bow then the best products for full face application are the Watt’s Up and the Mary-Lou Manizer. They both work wonderfully for an inner-eye highlight too! I do not wear highlighter everyday but if I needed to do a quick face & needed a little something special to amplify the look I would grab any of these.




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