My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes 2014

Naked 3 Palette


A few years back, very few women were purchasing, exploring or using bold makeup. The same plums, dusty roses, corals, reds and browns were provided and repackaged by makeup companies–but there was no real variety. My sister introduced me to the world of Urban Decay and their pigmented shadows that come in a variety of finishes. Older palettes had chunkier glitter but the new palettes have a much improved texture to their metallic & glitter finishes.

Their palette pricing is generous in my opinion; 12 full sized, high quality, gorgeous shades for $52 is a steal. I use all of the colors and like all of the colors; unlike the drugstore shadows I have spent tons of money on. Drugstore shadow typically leaves me disappointed. I refuse to try most new products because I’ve been burned so many times with poor quality, crumbly, completely chalky, un-pigmented, poorly packaged junk that comes with an un-usable brush or applicator. I have grown to appreciate the improved Wet ‘N Wild shades but even they are a far cry from the quality of an Urban Decay shadow.

Their latest launch is the much-hyped Naked 3 Palette; filled with rose-gold, pink, and taupe shades. I think the packaging is sturdy and eye-catching. The packaging also included a double ended brush & 4 samples of their Primer Potion; each meant to last one week. I saw that this palette was coming out and I was elated to receive this as a gift from my Mom.

We were in the Las Vegas Sephora when the palette hit the shelves; so she had to reveal that she ordered me one in advance–because seeing it in person and testing the colors, I wanted it. Urban Decay has many palettes available; and as a warning–they do sometimes repeat shades in different palettes. The new Naked 3 has 12 original shades. Over the years I have controlled myself and my collection of palettes is a mere 5—but they are some of the best eye shadows available anywhere.


Urban Decay Palettes:


Urban Decay Palette Collection

The Naked 3 Palette $52 (at Sephora, Ulta,

~ Nude & Pink Tones with Matte, Shimmer, and Metallic Finishes

 The Sustainable Palette *discontinued

~ Assorted Colors & Finishes

The Wallpaper Palette  *discontinued

~ Assorted Colors & Finishes

The Naked Palette $52

~ Brown & Neutral Tones with Matte, Shimmer, and Metallic Finishes

The Deluxe Palette *discontinued but currently available at for $19

~ Assorted Colors & Finishes







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