DIY Nail Polish Flowers

Nail Polish Flowers

I have seen photos floating around of DIY Nail Polish Flowerssuper cute nail polish flowers projects. Typically with no instructions, just adorable pictures of flowers made of jewelry wire & nail polish. I decided I had to try this (this would be so pretty as a gift topper!) but I did my research first. It turns out that the nail polish will not magically fill in the wire “petals.” You need a glue to fill in the petals and/or leaves. When the glue dries, paint your choice of nail polish colors on one or both sides. I really like the stained glass appearance of the unpainted side–should you choose to paint only one side of the petal.

The size and shape of the petals are up to you, but I will advise that the larger the shape–the harder it is to fill in with the glue. I am kind of sloppy with my glue application but you could definitely take your time & create a very polished look. This project is easy, fun, pretty, and very affordable!

Project items:Nail Polish Flowers

  • Jewelry wire (I used 28 gauge beading wire: $2.49/40 yards at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue: $2.49 for 4 oz. at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Nail Polish


Basically you cut your desired length of wireDIY Nail Polish Flowers (scissors work great on beading wire) and begin forming, twisting, and winding the wire to create your leaves and petals. Once finished forming the flower, apply your glue to the leaves and petals carefully. It can be a little tricky to fill them in–but with a little experimentation it is fairly easy. Let the glue dry & then paint on your nail polish choice to one or both sides of each leaf & petal. I poked small holes in a flap of Nail Polish Flowersa small cardboard box and stuck the “flowers” through to let the glue dry without any mess.









2 thoughts on “DIY Nail Polish Flowers

  1. Actually you don’t need glue. I use clear nail polish for the first layer and have been successful for many years. I will be posting a video soon but if want to see what can be achieved with practice please visit my Google page, Keep on having fun, Neville

    1. Thanks for the info–do you have a preferred clear nail polish? Checked out your google page–what you do is amazing artwork!!! Mine was an experiment 🙂

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