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Nepeta s blue claw gloves. Calliope call for me.

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Troll sburb player affiliation.

Nepeta leijon claws. Nepeta leijon also known by her trollian handle arseniccatnip is one of the trolls her associated zodiac sign is leo and she has horns shaped like cat ears. This forces her to speak in cat puns as well. These retractable claws consist of three sharp blades used by nepeta to take down beasts on alternia.

Or when some prey might encounter an unsuspecting you. You like to engage in friendly role playing but not the dangerous kind. Riftguard sburb players chumhandle.

Never the dangerous kind. You never know when you might encounter some unsuspecting prey. Judging from nepeta s agility and strength there can be little doubt that she s an effective user of these weapons.

By pebble i am showing you how to make nepeta s strife specibus clawkind. Homestuck song lyrics. We never see her actually use these claws but we.

Your daily routine is dangerous enough as it is. 33 my name s nepeta leijon but my friends simply just call me nepeta. Supernatural stealth nepeta s movements make no noise unless.

Claws tablet catnip ooc. Red lutula and mituna fansong 3. Arsenic is also used as rat poison.

However she has not yet been shown using them as equius simply wanted to be sure she had them close at hand. 33 i am one of the twelve beta trolls and my zodiac sign is leo the 5th sign represented by a lion lioness. In addition has green blood.

Her typing quirk consists of preceding every line with 33 3 is generally used as a smiley reminiscent of a cat face while 33 is the atomic number of arsenic. On alternia everything is considered unsuspecting prey by everything else. She uses gloves that have claws attached.

Too many of your good friends have gotten hurt that way. Nepeta s weapon of choice is a pair of blue gloves gauntlets with long claws on the fingers. 33 thanks for having me on this wiki.

Retrieve claws from arms. Or when some prey might encounter an unsuspecting you. You are always wearing your claw gloves.

You live in a cave that is also a hive but still mostly just a cave. Clawkind is the strife specibus of nepeta leijon. About 12 1 2 sweeps 27 years birthday.

I have a computer and a pair of claws 33 hi. Your name is nepeta leijon. Skills and abilities.

She wears them constantly as you never know when you might encounter some unsuspecting prey. Enhanced senses enhanced speed the ability to fall on all fours flexible body sharp claws and teeth etc. Limeblood cat nepeta is permanently a hybrid between a cat and a limeblood troll with a lot of aspects of being a cat.

Whether it be just for fun or for cosplaying i hope you have fun and success mak. And you can t see the. Unaware his thrashing makes him easier to follow but when she gets him in her claws she ll invite him in because her cave is not a home without him just a hole that is lonely and hollow.

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