Northwoods Vacation 2014


While there are many trying things about the winter season inface kitty & minocqua 077 Wisconsin, there is a lot to be said about travel here. I am located in central Wisconsin; a quick enough drive to either Wisconsin Dells (water park capital of the world) or “up north” to Minocqua. My sister and I hit the Dells this spring (either place–go off season for amazing deals!) so we decided to make the 70 mile drive to Minocqua this past week for a northwoods vacation.

It was relaxing, peaceful, and the people were remarkably friendly. We are inching closer and closer to winter here but for our 4 day vacation the temps were in the 60’s during the day, the sun was out, and the leaves are still on the trees. I love the hotel my Mom chose! My Mom,food collage sister & I stayed at The Pointe Hotel & Suites; not only were there ridiculously low room rates (off season) but this place was super ultra clean, the room was large, the bedding was soft and felt like home rather than cheap scratchy blankets & sheets, breakfast was tasty, the pool & hot tub were big, the workout room was stocked (used it twice) and the views were gorgeous.

The food was note-worthy and there was a variety of clean, reasonably priced restaurants to choose from. I had a wonderful veggie burger at Ella’s and a mozzarella plate at Island Cafe that took me back to European vacations of long ago–and I had the best burger at Heart 2 (it had an egg & pepper jack cheese on it.) My favorite thing I devoured was the french onion soup at Polecat & Lace. Anyone can melt a ton of cheese over some broth. It was their broth that impressed me the most. It was so flavorful!

Of course we hit the shops–shopping in the Minocquashops collage (Woodruff, Arbor Vitae, etc..) area is mostly small local shops. There is a Wal-Mart hiding outside the main drag and one Walgreens. No Target, K-mart, Kohl’s, Shopko, etc. for many miles. It was such a nice couple of days–we ate well but we did a ton of walking, swimming, and even hit the gym. I highly recommend visiting the Minocqua area for peace, quiet, beautiful scenery, and some terrific food!






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