Oat Milk Latte Art

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Pouring harder and faster with oat milk will result in cleaner looking latte art. Unlike other plant based milks giving off only a bit of froth and foam oat milk brings it up an entirely new level sporting the same amount of froth that your latte art just begs for.

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Matcha oat milk latte.

Oat milk latte art. If you haven t yet had an oat milk latte you re missing out. This aerates the milk which creates the microfoam necessary for latte art. It is so easy to make and you don t even need to have an espresso machine to do it but if you do i won t judge coffeebargoals.

Bang and swirl the pitcher more than you would with other milks to create a consistent texture. Next you want to submerge the. For oat milk you may want to aerate the milk a bit longer as it takes some more time for the foam to build.

Additionally it brings the flavour too. Our sales manager and coffee addict jamie cochrane te. The technique of steaming oat milk is very similar to steaming dairy milk.

Steaming oatly low fat oat milk works fine for a latte art tulip on the gaggia classic with silvia steam wand mod. Homemade oat milk latte. It was pretty good.

An oat milk matcha latte. Oat milks that are specifically formulated for café use usually noted as barista series on cartons steam similarly to regular milk and produce comparable latte art eric tells me. Made from gmo free australian grown oats and at least 97 australian ingredients.

If desired froth the milk using an electronic frothing wand and pour it over the matcha mixture. Pouring with too much foam can create messy uncontrollable latte art. Allow oat milk to rest for around 30 to 45 seconds before you add it.

How to make latte art with oat milk. Blend the boiling water matcha coconut butter and sweetener if using together in a blender or using either a hand whisk or electronic frothing wand. Heat oat milk for 3 4 minutes over medium low.

Barista swag ultra sharp 20 12. First you want to introduce the steam to the milk. Vegan latte art with invece del.

At cafes like johan nyström in södermalm there are entire sub menus devoted to oat milk drinks such as the capoatchino the coatado and the. The steam arm can be placed in the same position in the pitcher as when cow s milk is being steamed and the milk can also be steamed to the same. Okay so now that you know why i love oat milk let s get to this magical creation known as the oat milk latte.

Oat milk sales have increased by 425 globally since june 17. Oatly and atkinson s no waste oat milk latte art smackdown by editortac 24th january 2019 23rd february 2019 coffee latte art manchester oat milk five layers. Really does texture and pour like dairy milk shinsaku fukayama 2018 australian latte art champion.

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