Painting the Spare Room

Living Room and Dining Room

I want to apologize right now to whoever is now renting the house I previously rented; the one where the landlord let my sister and I choose the colors we wanted to paint. I am sorry for the neon coral/orange living room and dining room areas. I am sorry for the extremely dark green color in one of the bedrooms.

Karma has caught up with me. While avocado green walls and a dark purple trim may have seemed attractive to a previous renter, the colors darkened the spare room at this house & were a nightmare to work with if I ever wanted to film a video. My skin and hair ended up with a severe orange color cast as the poor camera struggled to make sense of the bright green behind me. With my landlord’s consent, I decided to repaint the room white with a light gray and sterling silver trim.

While I was at it I decided to repaint the staircase railings and trim from a deep olive greenish gray to the same light gray and sterling silver. The metallic paint I originally wanted was only sold at one specific store and they carried the base but not the colors and “they didn’t know when they would get them in.” Luckily the Menards up the road carried a line of Rustoleum metallic paints for the same price. A little metallic paint goes a long long way, so I also decided to add a silver chevron to our bathroom which is painted the same light gray as the spare room. Win-Win-Win! I love the new look. If you hadn’t seen the old colors you might not be as impressed as we are with the new look, but for anyone who likes a little sparkle in their decor–this metallic paint is gorgeous!

Painting Pictures and Pumpkin Cookies-001

Painting Pictures and Pumpkin Cookies-001

Painting Room

  • For the spare room: I used an edger and a plain roller on the walls. I picked up a white semi-gloss from Fleet Farm because it was on mega clearance. I did apply two coats of primer to the walls and one coat of paint. On the trim, I used a flat light gray color from Wal-Mart. I did not want to remove the trim to paint it; I simply used a putty knife to carefully jam a $2 plastic drop cloth from Fleet Farm under the trim as to avoid paint spills on the carpet. (It worked wonderfully and one drop cloth could be re-used around the entire room.) Then I went in with a small paintbrush along the top of the trim and applied the silver paint. It took 3 coats of paint for the face of the trim and 2 applications of the silver paint along the top.
  • Along the staircase: I used 2 coats of the flat gray and the metallic silver. I did apply painter’s tape to both the carpet and the wall. I removed the painter’s tape shortly after finishing because in the past I have left it on too long and it has removed chunks of paint as I removed it.
  • In the bathroom: I did each of the chevron lines separately. I have a paranoia about leaving the painter’s tape on too long so I applied the design I wanted, went in for two coats (I just painted in several directions to avoid any tell-tale lines of application) and then promptly removed the tape. It turned out exactly as I wanted!

Painting is a lot of fun if you prep right and give the paint enough time to dry in between coats. 🙂

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