Park Adventures in the Rain

Saturday was a cloudy, drizzly mess. We were all pumped to try out our newPark Adventures fire pit but instead Daniel took me on a tour of the park up the street from us. He has been exploring the town on his bicycle daily & he had some beautiful spots to show me. He knows I am a fan of bridges & he found the perfect park to tour. Our drizzly day was filled with beautiful sights & wildlife sightings. I snagged a little video of the sights to share and I had a great time.

On Friday afternoon, my new external hard drive arrived. My old one had started making a ticking sound. Daniel told me that I shouldn’t use it until the new one came but I foolishly continued using it. Just as the new hard drive arrived, the old one died. Died-Died. Can’t retrieve my family photos & video from the past decade-died. It is my own fault for not taking his advice and I wish I had.

Sweetly, he tried recovery programs & fiddling with it (he is highly knowledgeable on these things) and unfortunately I lost everything. The good news is, I had saved much of what I lost on my sister’s old lap top & I can re-save photos off of Walgreens Photo, Facebook, and old e-mails. I did lose my entire music collection and all of my video ever taken. I’ll get over it and I will take new pictures. We will make new memories & much of what I lost has already been recovered. I have never been so thankful for creating a YouTube channel. My most important family videos are still there.

I hope you are having a less stressful week and that you too take the time to walk around your local sights. We all have beauty wherever we live & before the snow falls, I want to get outside as much as possible!



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