Passion Tea Lemonade (Starbucks copycat)

Passion Tea Lemonade

This time of year my allergies knock me down hard. I get topassion tea lemonade the point where I can no longer smell or taste correctly. Only sour or bitter smells stick out (everything smells off or tastes funny.)

To my delight I  found a new drink that packs so much flavor I can enjoy it year round. My sister and I visited Starbucks and I did not want to drink anything with creamer or milk so I tried the Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade. WOW–this stuff is amazing! The fresh floral notes of the Passion Tea (contains hibiscus and rose) mixed with the tartness of the lemonade is such a unique, refreshing combination. I checked out the nutrition info and it is also one of their less guilt-inducing options.

As soon as I got home I was craving another drink. I got online and figured out a way to make my own! After picking up the Tazo Passion Tea passion tea lemonadeand some lemonade from my local grocery store (the tea was in the organic section) I boiled 5 cups of water, turned off the heat, and added two tea bags for 10 minutes.

While the tea was cooling I made a simple syrup from 1 cup sugar & 1 cup water. I combined them over a medium heat on the stove top and stirred until the sugar dissolved and the mixture boiled. Once the tea & syrup were cooled off I combined the 5 cups of tea, 1/3 cup simple syrup, and 1 1/2 cups of lemonade in a large (quart and a half) mason jar.

When I pour a glass I like to use my protein shake cup. I fill it 2/3 of the way with the Passion Tea Lemonade that is already made & then I add ice cubes and a little more lemonade. I shake it for 10-20 seconds–and it turns out perfect every time.

The Passion Tea Lemonade does not require sweetener if you enjoy tart drinks (I do!) You can skip the simple syrup or use your favorite sweetener instead.

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