Pesto Genovese Recipe

An 1863 cookbook la cucinera genovese featured the first modern style pesto recipe which consisted of garlic basil or marjoram and parsley grated dutch and parmigiano cheese pine nuts butter and oil. The pesto that most of the world knows as the one and only pesto is in fact just one of endless kinds pesto means pounded from the verb pestare to pound because the old fashioned way to make pesto and the one that many cooks still swear by is to pound the ingredients a mixture of aromatic herbs salt garlic olive oil cheese and sometimes nuts with a mortar and pestle.

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Pesto genovese is an uncooked cold sauce made only with 7 ingredients.

Pesto genovese recipe. Put basil garlic and pine nuts on a cutting board. 1 1 2 cups fresh basil leaves packed 1 2 teaspoon salt. Pesto genovese in this classic version of pesto the basil leaves are blanched in boiling water then quickly shocked in ice water to give the sauce a brilliant green hue and to reduce any.

Add the parmigiano cheese salt and 1 2 cup olive oil and mix. 1 4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Genovese basil dop extra virgin olive oil possibly of the ligurian riviera parmigiano reggiano or grana padano pecorino cheese fiore sardo pine nuts garlic and salt it was born in liguria a beautiful region situated in northern italy.

2 tablespoons pine nuts or walnuts toasted. Pesto genovese quickly became a staple in ligurian cuisine and since then this recipe has been adjusted and developed to the pesto recipe we have come to know and love today. 1 4 cup freshly grated parmigiano reggiano.

Today the great majority of home cooks makes pesto with the help of a small food processor. With a mezzaluna or sharp knife finely chop the ingredients and add to a jar. 2 15 chicken thigh recipes for the instant pot this collection of top rated recipes highlights this versatilty featuring chicken thighs with international accents from chicken curry to cacciatore chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine biriyani and butter chicken and much more.

Walnut pesto almond pesto but basil pesto pesto alla genovese is so. The meaning of pesto the word pesto stems from the verb pestare which means to pound or to crush. Pesto comes from the italian word pestare which means to pound or to crush as pestos were traditionally made in a large mortar with a pestle strictly speaking pesto is a generic term for anything that s made by pounding or grinding something i take great liberty with on sk see.

However these time honored tools have become more and more often just fancy ornament and a way to remember our ancient cooking traditions. At that time pesto genovese had a reputation of a working class dish since all the ingredients were readily available. A few more notes tips.

It s one of the sauces most used in our country and nowadays it s famous. In theory original pesto genovese should be prepared exclusively with a marble mortar and a wooden pestle.

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