Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (Sparkle Adhesive)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy is a game changer! It is the gold standard for Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxyadhering glitter or loose pigment eye shadows to your eyes. It is not an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion, Essence I Love Stage, etc.) It is a sparkle adhesive. It works and it brings your loose pigments to life! It makes you reach for loose eye shadows & glitters regularly instead of just at the holidays. It brings out the metallic effect, sparkle, duochrome, glitter, and shine in your loose shadows and it locks in your loose glitters like no other product I have used!

A tube (9ml) retails for $6.50 on the Fyrinnae website and their description boasts that one tube will last the average user for a full year. A little does go a long way–I dab a tiny bit on my ring finger and then tap it where I want to apply my shadow/glitter. I wait a couple of seconds before applying my shadow. The Pixie Epoxy seems to work best when it has a little time to get tacky. (Like using an adhesive to apply gold leaf–you have to give the glue a little time to get tacky before applying the foil.) The eye look will last you all day. This is a truly amazing product that will change your mind about using loose pigments, eyes hadows, and glitters forever!

I demoed the Pixie Epoxy with some of my favorite loose shadows, pigments, and glitters. The Pixie Epoxy swatches are always on the left and the loose product is swatched on the right.


Fyrinnae Space Kitty Swatches


Mehron Gold Metallic Powder Swatch


Makeup Geek Swatches


Silk Naturals Swatches


NYX Mink Swatch


Beauty Treats Loose Glitter Powder Swatches


Pixie Epoxy makes everything gorgeous! Loose shadows live up to their full potential, duochrome effects become bold, and sparkle leaps out at you. Unless you are Impulse Cosmetics “Wish Upon a Star.” When I got the Pixie Epoxy I had to try it out with this disappointing purchase. Even with the Pixie Epoxy, it stayed dull, matte, and flat. Impulse Cosmetics Wish Upon a Star Swatches

At least I tried…

I highly, highly recommend purchasing Pixie Epoxy for your loose products. Your looks will be ethereal, vibrant, and you will get the most out of your purchases!




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