I really enjoy listening to the radio program Coast to Coast AM. It covers a range of topics from weather, health, government dealings, and world affairs to spiritual matters of all types. There was a program on July 29, 2012 that featured writer Bill Scott, concerning possession and exorcism. It was a fascinating program and after listening I did some minor searching on the internet about modern exorcism. This led me to a strange man who performs daily exorcisms for a fee $$$. It was all too apparent that he was in this for the money.

In the past couple of years my view on ghosts, spirits, and demons has changed dramatically! I no longer trust that ghosts or spirits are good or even neutral. I no longer believe that the deceased can visit us. I don’t think you need an exorcism if you are suffering–I think you need to always prepare for spiritual warfare by knowing your own spiritual authority.

I also do not buy into ancestral or generational curses. Most people are deceived into hopelessness in these matters because of the stigma of exorcism. Exorcism is an act most are familiar with; mainly through sensational movies, TV shows, or other media. The simple truth is you have the authority–through your faith in the word–to cast out all demons.

It is pretty simple. Know the word, follow the word, wear your armor, cast out demons with your own authority, and remove any people who prevent you from leading a good life from your circle of influence. No priest required.

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