Press-On Nails that LAST!

A few weeks back my sister and I attended a beautiful wedding. We had enough extra clothes packed to wear different outfits for the ceremony & reception, but we forgot to do our nails. Neither of us was looking to invest in a salon experience (or any maintenance,) but we wanted our nails to look nice.

I had seen a video recently where a young lady was very impressed with a press-on nail that she said lasted 5-7 days without using any super glue type adhesive. We stopped at the local Walgreens & asked the beauty consultants if they knew anything about their press on nail selection. They both suggested we avoid press-on nails & make an appointment at the local nail salon. Undeterred, I chose the Impress Press-On Manicure that was labeled “lasts up to a week.” Sara chose the Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear Gel nails. I won’t go into detail with her application but we both applied them Friday night and Saturday morning when she showered, all of her nails popped off. Mine lasted a week–until I chose to remove them!

Press-On Nails

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These nails are extra easy to apply. After choosing a nail for each finger, wash your hands & wipe natural nails with prep pad, then peel off the clear backing to expose the gel-type adhesive, and apply to nail. Press in the middle & sides for 30 seconds and gently file the tabs at the top of the nail–and you are done. Removal consists of applying nail polish remover between your natural nail & the press-on nail, wait a minute, and peeling off the artificial nail.

I love these nails. I have never had a press-on nail last more than a few hours. They were comfortable, sturdy but flexible, never lost their shape, none of the nails came off before I took them off, I had no trouble putting my contacts in or removing them, and they stayed put with lots of housework & showering.

Once I hit day 5 of my original application I even painted them another color–these nails were great for a wedding weekend & they would be great to wear on a vacation. The cost was $7.99 for two applications worth (24 nails.) The price is low, the application & removal are easy, and the nails hold up well for a week. I highly recommend these!!!

Press-On Nails Review Video

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