Rainfall Sahara Desert Temperature

The average rainfall is about 3 inches per year. The highest temperature that is recorded in the sahara desert is at 136 f 58 c in aziziyah libya.

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The highest temperature recorded to date has reached 58 c 136 4 f in azizia libya.

Rainfall sahara desert temperature. The high position of the sun the extremely low relative humidity and the lack of vegetation and rainfall make the great desert the hottest large region in the world and the hottest place on earth during summer in some spots. The average summer temperatures in the day time are often 100 4f and 104 0 f above 38 degrees celsius except for areas with high altitudes. The annual range in average daily temperatures in the dry tropical regions of the sahara is approximately 31 5 f 17 5 c.

It is the world s largest hot desert and one of the driest places on the planet. Salah in algeria which is part of sahara desert also records high temperatures during june july august and september of 110 8 f 115 5 f 113 9 f and 107 4 f respectively. The average temperature of the sahara desert is usually around 38 c 100 4 f.

Climate seasons and average monthly temperature indeed the extreme aridity of the sahara is not only explained by the subtropical high pressure. The average high temperature exceeds 38 to 40 c or 100 4 to 104 0 f during the hottest month nearly everywhere in the desert except at very high altitudes. The highest recorded temperature in the sahara desert is 116 6 f in the algerian desert having an elevation of 1 240 feet above sea level.

In the sahara desert summer temperatures often exceed 104 degrees fahrenheit 40 degrees celsius in summer but may fall to near freezing during winter nights. Average temperatures for the coldest months are essentially the same as they are for the subtropical zone to the north but the diurnal range is more moderate. Rainfall in the sahara.

The sahara desert features a hot desert climate köppen climate classification bwh the sahara desert is one of the driest and hottest regions of the world with a mean temperature sometimes over 30 c 86 f and the average high temperatures in summer are over 40 c 104 f for months at a time and can even soar to 47 c 117 f. The months between december and march are most likely to see rain. In the northern part of the sahara annual rainfall totals about 3 inches although this can vary from year to year.

Some parts of the sahara get less than 2 centimetres of rainfall each year 0 79 inches. It is one of the harshest climates in the world. The the rainfall inhibition and the dissipation of cloud cover are most accentuated over the eastern section of the sahara rather than the western.

The climate of the sahara desert has remained quite consistent for the past 2000 years.

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