Resin Faux Opals

DIY Resin Faux Opals are beautiful, easy, and are a great reason to give epoxy resin a try! All you really need are a clear resin kit, a jewelry mold, iridescent material, and patience. I highly recommend creating your opals in a well-ventilated area, as the resin has a strong chemical smell. Once it hardens, the scent dissipates. The shininess of your finished opals will vary depending on the finish of your mold. If your mold has a flat finish, you can simply cover your piece with a clear gloss, clear nail polish, or more clear resin. Once you do this, any cloudiness disappears and all of the shiny, metallic, opalescent qualities are revealed.

DIY Resin Faux Opals

My tips & tricks for creating resin faux opals are:

  • work in a well-ventilated area
  • cover your work surface
  • use plastic gloves
  • clean up any spills with rubbing alcohol (spills on your molds will pop off easily once the resin hardens)
  • stir slowly to prevent bubbles–remove bubbles by placing your plastic cup of resin in a bowl of hot water or use a utility lighter once the resin is poured into your mold (before adding any flammable materials)
  • make sure your mold is set on a level surface while hardening
  • let it harden completely–it is 50-60 degrees outside right now & my resin takes 12-24 hours to fully harden vs. the advertised 8 hours on the package
Resin Faux Opals

Resin Faux Opals

Materials Used:

  • Ice Resin Jewelers Grade 2 Part Epoxy Resin 16 oz refill $28.18 — Amazon
  • Famo Glaze Coat Clear Epoxy Kit-Quart $22.98 — Menards
  • Environmental Technology Castin’ Craft EasyCast Resin Jewelry Mold $7.21 — Amazon
  • Artist’s Loft Round 10 Well Artist Palette $0.99 — Michaels
  • Settings 3 Oz. Disposable Plastic Cups (100 CT) $5.85– Amazon
  • Wooden Craft Sticks (I purchased mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Celebrate It Iridescent Tissue $4.29 or Metallic Crinkle $3.99 — Michaels **cut to size**
  • TKB Trading Mica Powders (Cosmic Carolyn, Blackstar Amethyst, Blackstar Green, Hilite Gold & Hilite Violet)
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Beauty Treats Glitter (6 pack–Amazon)
  • Stampendous Glass Glitter-Royal Purple $4.54– Amazon
  • Prima Marketing Art Ingredients Glass Glitter-Sterling $4.88–Amazon


  1. Prepare your clear resin per package instructions in plastic cups with a wooden craft stick. The resin will first turn cloudy & look like it has strings forming in it and then it will return to a clear mixture. After combining the resin with the hardener, let it rest a few minutes to allow the mixture to de-gas & for bubbles to pop.
  2. Fill 3/4 of your clean mold with clear resin (remove bubbles with a utility lighter if necessary.)
  3. dd in your cut iridescent tissue or metallic crinkle pieces (some will fall to the top of the piece–you are viewing the back.)
  4. Let harden for 2 hours & then prepare a smaller amount of clear resin. You only need to fill in the remaining 1/4 of the mold with colored resin. I mixed TKB mica powder (a tiny amount) with clear resin. **You can also add glitter or other materials before pouring your colored resin–If you add glitter before the resin hardens, it will fall to the front of the piece**
  5. Allow your pieces to harden completely 12+ hours.
  6. Place your mold in your freezer for 10 minutes for easier removal.
  7. Pop out your faux opals–If they have a flat/matte finish, coat them with a clear gloss/clear nail polish and allow to dry completely.
  8. Trim off any excess resin from the edges or file off with a nail file.

You can make resin faux opals to display on their own or you can attach them to rings, create earrings, or turn them into necklace pendants. The more iridescent material you use, the more striking your finished piece will be. If you are looking for advice on wire wrapping your opals, check out the YouTube Channels: OxanaCrafts & CSLdesigns!

Resin Faux Opals Video

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