How to Make Resin Silicone Molds for Beginners

Resin Molds

Today I’m going to show you how I make resin silicone molds, so this is just an example of one that I made, and I’m just going to show you my process of what I like to do to make these, I’m actually going to use the same container. So I’m just going to show you step by step what I like to do and I got this technique from Sean Orly dry head here.

So you’re gonna have to scroll through quite a bit to find it, but it’s the exact same thing that she does an overview of what I do is lay some tape down place my container, on the tape stick my pieces to the tape and then pour my silicone in, so I’m just going to get started.

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This is the container that I am using, it’s just a food container that I cut the bottom off. So I can pour into it and an alternative of what you can do, you can take the lid of whatever container you’re using, and you can glue your pieces on that lid close it, and then pour straight on the lid without having to use tape or the lid, I have this kind of weirdly shaped, it’s got some ridges in it, so it’s not totally flat.

Instead of using tape or the lid, you can also use clay. Make sure it has ZERO SULFUR. (Works great when molding buttons).

I can’t use the full surface of the lid, so I’m deciding to use tape, so take the container and cut it, if you have to, so you have an opening on both sides and now what you want to do is take some tape and cut enough tape to make it, so it goes a little past the sides and at the bottom and the top.

So you want to make it, so there’s enough tape a little bit of tape to go around your container and the reason for that is afterwards, we’re going to hold that little bit up, just to catch any seepage of this little cone. Okay so I have my tape all set up next what I’m going to do is place my container on it, so there’s a little extra around the edge like this and now I’m going to take a sharpie and kind of outline the edge of the inside, if that makes sense, so I’m going to go around the inside and draw a line.

Resin Molds

So I know where my boundaries, now I know where I can you place my pieces and I took a picture earlier of how I want everything to be laid out, so I’m going to refer to that photo and start placing them and if you’re like me and you’re not wearing gloves be sure to clean off your pieces before you start pouring your silicone. I have a microfiber cloth that I’m going to use once, I place everything on and clean up every piece that I have on here, so fingerprints don’t transfer.

Everything is on here, I was actually able to fit one more of these on here. So I’m just pushing everything down, make sure there’s a seal and now I’m going to lock my prints off, now it’s time to put this back on, okay finally got it how I want it and now I’m going to fold up the edges of the tape around the container. This container is now ready to be boarded, this is a silicone I’m using, its smooth on mold star 15, I got this on eBay, I’m just gonna kind of stir, this in here a little bit before I pour it out all right, so I had less silicone than what I thought, so I don’t have enough, I can always pour another badge but now I’m just going to mix everything until it’s an even color and I will be back to pour everything is all mixed, and now I’m just going to pour as much as I can.

I’m not sure if it’s gonna cover everything, but we shall see that looks like all that I have and I guess I have enough for this mold, I’m not sure if I should pour a little bit more I mean, I probably should but since it’s just me, and I’m not rough with my things, I don’t think this will break anytime, soon I think I may just denote this once, it’s cured instead of buying some more having to wait for that to come in and then pour again.

When you pour silicone, you kind of want the top to go at least 1/4 past the highest point fourth to a half an inch just so there’s enough to feel comfortable to not break the mold this will be ready to come out in about four hours. I think 5 o’clock in the morning, so I’m gonna go to bed and I will come back when I wake up, I’m back and everything is cured, so now I’m going to peel away this tape and just pop it out, let’s see well if you can see here, it’s a little bit of and overspill if that bothers you, you can just cut that off, let’s see if any of these pieces have an over split on the back, there’s a little bit not as much as I thought which is good, yeah it’s pretty thin but oh well I’m going to take my executive knife and cut away some of the overspill and while the pieces are still in the mold.

I think it’s trimmed enough, this is just going to be for me like I said, so time to pop out the pieces it is so satisfying to pop pieces out after moulding does anyone else feel that way, but since the pieces I molded were shiny they left the shine in the silicone, so pieces I pop out will be shiny at least for a while like with all the silicon the shine goes away, but you can easily restore using some polishing compound and that’s how I like to make silicone mold, and again I got this technique from Lady jarhead.

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How to Make Resin Silicone Molds

Resin Molds DIY – This is mainly for beginner crafters, you can use this if you are more skilled than a beginner, but I mainly wanted to make this for those beginners out there, because I have had a lot of requests to do a resin tutorial.

So I wanted to go ahead and do that for you guys, so this is a basic rhythm tutorial, so I will be sharing with you the resin that I use some of the safety equipment, that I prefer I will also be sharing with you some of the pigments that I used to color my resin, so I really hope that you can learn something from this resin tutorial.

I’m sure I left some things out or there are some things that I should have put in here, but this is kind of my basic knowledge of rezident and kind of what I wanted to share with you guys, so let’s go ahead and get into the tutorial, the first thing that you will need is obviously your resin, I prefer using amazing clear cast resin, it is just my favorite brand and you can buy this on Amazon, eBay and at Hobby Lobby.

How to Make Resin Molds

Next you will need things to star your resin with some little measuring cups or you could use like a plastic spoon or even the cap of your resin to measure out how much you need, and you will need just a plastic cup to mix your resin, you will need a mold of your choice, I’m just going to be using this plastic heart mold, I highly suggest looking on eBay and Etsy for molds, just search what you’re looking for, and you should find it, you will need your stickers or images remember a few or sticker is paper, you want to seal it with clear packaging tape or any other seller that will work best for you, and if you don’t want to use a sticker that is fine, you can just use pigments and glitter to make a very beautiful piece as well, so speaking of glitter and pigments, you will just need any kind of glitter that you prefer.

You can also use pearl pigments, these are called perfect pearls and they give a really pretty effect to resin the last thing, that I do use to color my resin is acrylic paint. Now I know a lot of us and crafters are very good, using acrylic paint in your resin. If you used the tiniest amount everything should work out and it should cure hard I’ve never had any problems with my resin not curing, because of using acrylic paint, also you need some sort of gloves, these are just gloves that I got from the dollar store and these work fine, you just want to cover your hands and it’s also very important to use some sort of mask.

I got this mask in the painting section at Walmart, just make sure to cover your mouth and know somehow, so you’re not directly breathing in the fumes another thing, I want to quickly mention, if you get resin on your skin, on your clothes anywhere, on your body, make sure to wash it off with soap and water, you really don’t want resin to sit or get on your skin, it is a chemical and it can be very dangerous, if this is your first time working with us and make sure to read the little pamphlet that comes in your resin box.

So you will know how to work with your resin properly here are, 1c bottles of amazing clear casts look like, you get a side a and a side B with this resin, you also get 3 measuring cups in 2 stir sticks which is very nice, I’m going to go ahead and put my mask on, so you can go ahead and start working with our resin, so I’m going to be really sorry, if you can’t hear me properly also another thing that I want to mention is that, if you have really long hair, please tie it back, you don’t want your hair to get in resin that would be really bad.

So just keep that in mind as well, so now what you want to do is just decide where you are going to fill your measuring cups up to, I’m just going to fill them all the way to the top, because I have a lot of pieces that I want to make, I’m going to take my side of my resin and go ahead and pour that into my measuring cup.

I’m just going to dump this into my plastic cup, I already have resin on my hand, so that’s why i really suggest wearing gloves, now I’m going to go ahead and pour in my side beef, okay so now you want to go ahead and just mix this, until you see no more swirls.

So let me give you an example really fast, so see how this is really cloudy and swirly, you want it to be completely clear, so my resin is almost completely done being mixed. I’m going to let it, sit for 10 minutes, so all of the bubbles can rise to the top, so let’s go ahead and start with the piece that we’re going to make, so like I showed in the bidding, I’m going to be using this heart mold.

So we are first layer, you want it to be kind of thin, you don’t need your first layer to be thick at all because you’re going to put other things or other layers behind your first layer, so I’m going to go ahead and pour a very small layer to this mold, just make sure it mainly covers the bottom of the mold completely, so there I’m not sure.

If you can see but I put a very small layer, I’ll end up probably putting one more layer behind this for the color, so I’m just going to be using this little twin star sticker, and I just want to push this to the front, and kind of wiggle it around to make sure, it’s very secure on the bottom of the mold, so it doesn’t float around, so that’s what, that looks like just make sure your sticker is directly where you want it to be, what you want with your clear layer is you want this to kind of sit and get tacky.

So I’m gonna wait about 3 hours before I come back and that’s what I’m going to add my glitter my accent pieces and things like that, so I’m going to go ahead and let this just it and get tacky and I will be right back, so now my resin has been sitting for a few hours, as you can see, it is tacky, so I’m going to go ahead and add my glitter, you can use any kind of glitter that you like, you can even use sprinkles polymer clay pieces, it really doesn’t matter, it’s up to you, just do what you like and what fits your piece best.

So now I’m just gonna go ahead and let this sit for 12 to 24 hours, just depending on how I fill and then I will be back, it’s been 24 hours and my first layer is completely hardened, so I’m going to go ahead and mix my second layer and I’m just going to be using some of these perfect pearls some pink paint and maybe some pink glitter. So it’s been 24 hours and I’m going to go ahead and pop this out of its mold, I’m going to insert an eye pin which I have a tutorial on how to insert a pins into your resin pieces.

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