Sahara Desert Temperature Graph

In fact these are the exact terms that are synonymous with the sahara desert climate. The sahara is said to have short to medium length dry and humid conditions.

Snow Falls In Sahara Desert First Time In 37 Years Augen

The sahara desert is the world s third most extensive desert after the antarctica and arctic.

Sahara desert temperature graph. The age of the sahara has been a matter of some dispute. The sahara desert is also the world s largest desert with enormous size of 3 320 000 square mi 8 600 000 square km which is almost the same size as united states. Deserts have extreme temperatures.

During the day the temperature may reach 50 c when at night it may fall to below 0 c. Temperature of the sahara desert. These were covered with tropical savannah grasslands and lakes.

A climate graph contains two pieces of information. The sahara s climate was determined over 5 million years ago during the pliocene epoch. In the summer it can exceed 122 degrees fahrenheit.

The highest temperature ever recorded was 136 degrees fahrenheit. The average high temperature in summer is around 40 c 104 f and can even go up to 47 c 116 6 f over 3 months. Even in this climate graph in the total of so many rainy days there is less than 130mm of cumulative rain.

The amount of rainfall and the temperature of an area. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. In the sahara desert the amount of precipitation per year nowhere near exceeds 130mm.

The rain can be. This reduces the impact of any anomalies in the weather affecting the statistics. Sahara sahara climate.

Several studies of the rocks in the region indicate that the sahara became established as a climatic desert approximately 2 3 million years ago an interval that spanned from the late pliocene to the early pleistocene epoch. The temperature is shown as a line and the rainfall is displayed as bars. In the winter the temperature can drop to below freezing.

It is also the world s largest hot desert extending to an area of 3 600 000 square miles with average temperatures during the hottest months reaching 100 4 to 104 0 f. But did you know that 6000 years ago there were certain areas in the sahara that had abounding rainfall and rife vegetation. Deserts have less than 250 mm of rainfall per year.

The discovery of 7 million year old dune deposits throughout northern chad in 2006. The average humidity in the sahara desert is 25. The daytime temperature averages 38 c while in some deserts it can get down to 4 c at night.

The temperature also varies greatly depending on the location of the desert. The desert s climate consists of a dry subtropical climate in the north and a dry tropical climate in the south. The climate in the sahara desert has always been dry and arid.

The temperature in the desert can change drastically from day to night because the air is so dry that heat escapes rapidly at night. The average temperature for this desert is 86 degrees fahrenheit 30 degrees celsius. The figures are usually calculated as an average over a number of years.

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