Sahara Temperature

The climate is scorching hot and parched dry. Control the animation using the slide bar found beneath the weather map.

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See the latest western sahara enhanced weather satellite map including areas of cloud cover.

Sahara temperature. Occasionally snow falls at higher elevations. Select from the other forecast maps on the right to view the temperature cloud cover wind and precipitation for this country on a large scale with animation. Western sahara weather map.

Precipitation in the sahara ranges from zero to about 3 inches of rain per year with some locations not seeing rain for several years at a time. The highest temperature that is recorded in the sahara desert is at 136 f 58 c in aziziyah libya. The average temperatures in sahara desert reach between 100 4 and 104 0 f during the hottest months in almost all parts of the desert except for areas with high altitudes.

The sahara desert is one of the driest and hottest regions of the world with a mean temperature sometimes over 30 c 86 f and the average high temperatures in summer are over 40 c 104 f for months at a time and can even soar to 47 c 117 f. Western sahara weather conditions ad dakhla 79 aguenit 110 amgala 105 ausert 114 bir anzarane 115 bir gandus 115 cabo bojador 79 chtoukane 102 dawra 83 el aaiĂșn 85 el farcya 107 guelta. The average temperature of the sahara desert is usually around 38 c 100 4 f.

The average summer temperatures in the day time are often 100 4f and 104 0 f above 38 degrees celsius except for areas with high altitudes. The highest temperature recorded to date has reached 58 c 136 4 f in azizia libya. The highest recorded temperature in the sahara desert is 116 6 f in the algerian desert having an elevation of 1 240 feet above sea level.

Average temperatures for the coldest months are essentially the same as they are for the subtropical zone to the north but the diurnal range is more moderate. The average high temperature exceeds 38 to 40 c or 100 4 to 104 0 f during the hottest month nearly everywhere in the desert except at very high altitudes. The average rainfall is about 3 inches per year.

The western sahara weather map below shows the weather forecast for the next 10 days. The annual range in average daily temperatures in the dry tropical regions of the sahara is approximately 31 5 f 17 5 c. The ineractive map makes it easy to navitgate around the globe.

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