Sheer Glow Lip Balm

Sheer Glow Lip Balm

Sheer Glow Lip Balm is glossy, moisturizing, comfortable on the lips and tinted with gentle metallic &Sheer Glow Lip Balm color-shifting mica powders. I have previously made lip balm with shea butter and mango butter.  Shea butter produced a thicker, softer texture, yet it was a bit crumbly. It was still great as a moisturizer but to incorporate color, I wanted an ultra-smooth formula. These Sheer Glow Balms apply with a similar texture to the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. They glide on with ease, melt into the lips & stay put.

They are easy to make and ridiculously easy & quick if you pre-measure your ingredients beforehand. I worked hard to reduce my 24 balm recipe to a 2 balm recipe and the quality is still there. I love the clear balms but I have been thinking about colored balm for a long time.

Balm is going to give a more sheer color than a lipstick. I wrongly assumed that the recipes I use for homemade mica eye shadow would translate to lip color. I struggled to get color into these balms–the first 3-4 tries produced very sheer product even though I was using a variety of shades. After a lot of experimentation & patience, I created some very fun recipes that look natural, glowy, and wearable even if they are blue! I add TKB’s Pashmica to my recipes to boost the color opacity & for a soft glow (without added shimmer.)



Sheer Glow Lip Balm



  • Small Pot & a Non-Porous Glass Bowl (Pyrex)
  • Mini Spoon 5 (TKB Trading)
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Digital Scale
  • Craft Sticks for stirring
  • Lip Balm Containers/Caps: I used .15 oz round lip tubes from Wholesale Supplies Plus and reused makeup containers
  • Disposable Pipettes or a Glass Dropper


Sheer Glow Lip Balm




Sheer Glow Lip Balm Base (Makes 2 Balms):


  • 2 g Candelilla Wax (Plant Based & twice the Hardening Effect of Beeswax) or 4 g Beeswax–provides a barrier against the elements, seals in moisture, keeps color on your lips and provides shape to the balm
  • 2 g Mango Butter–stabilizes the balm so it is solid at room temperature yet glides and melts on the lips
  • 3 g (1 tsp) Coconut Oil, melted–solid at room temperature, anti-bacterial, moisturizes & promotes hydration
  • 3 g (1 tsp) Avocado Oil–long lasting moisturizer, contains high levels of Vitamin E (an anti-oxidant that softens skin)
  • 1 smidgen Preservative Cap-5
  • 1-2 drops flavor oil (I used LorAnn Strawberry Flavor Oil) *Optional*




Sheer Glow Lip Balm



  • Lip Safe Mica or Liquid Color: All of my coloring is from TKB Trading. I used around 1/4 tsp of lip-safe mica powders or liquid lip color & mica.


*Non-Vegan shades/powders used: Pink Red-Blue & Bishop’s Violet*


Sheer Glow Lip Balm





  1. On the stove top, fill a small pot with 1/2 inch of water & bring to a low boil over low heat. Place a clean, sterilized non-porous glass bowl (I used Pyrex) on top. Do not overfill so that the water touches the bowl.
  2. Melt the wax in the bowl–it will take around 5 minutes to melt
  3. Add the mango butter, avocado oil & coconut oil, stir gently
  4. Remove from heat and add the preservative & flavor oil
  5. Stir in the coloring thoroughly
  6. Using a pipette or dropper, transfer the mixture to lip balm containers. The balm will start to harden once it leaves the bowl, so it is hard to transfer with a measuring spoon.
  7. Give the balm 1-2 days to set up and harden (you can place in the refrigerator to speed things up)

*If your ingredients are fresh, the balm can last for years. Previous balm I made with a similar recipe are still good after almost 3 years.*





Color Recipes

Sheer Glow Lip Balm




Sheer Glow Lip Balm



1. Rouge

3 drops Limerick

2 drops Soft Brown

3 drops Hilite Blue

2 drops Hilite Orange

3 drops Cosmic Carolyn

3 drops Pashmica

Sheer Glow Lip Balm



2. Viridian

2 drops Reflection

2 drops Coral Reef Blue

4 drops Blackstar Green

2 drops Pashmica

1 drop Hilite Copper

3 drops Hilite Blue

Sheer Glow Lip Balm



3. Orchid

3 smidgen Bishop’s Violet

2 smidgen Hilite Violet

1 smidgen Bronze

1 smidgen Pashmica

Sheer Glow Lip Balm




4. Fairy-Tale Blue

6 drops Coral Reef Blue

4 drops Flamenco Super Pearl White

1 drop Golden Shift

3 drops Pashmica

2 drops Hilite Violet

2 drops Pink Red-Blue

Sheer Glow Lip Balm




5. Golden Tangerine

4 drops MyMix Peach

4 drops Shimmer Tangerine Pop

2 drops Hilite Gold

4 Drops Golden Shift

Sheer Glow Lip Balm




6. Coral-Punch

12 (liquid) drops Orange 5 Lip Liquid

3 drops Pashmica

3 drops Travel to Venus

3 drops Hilite Red

Sheer Glow Lip Balm




7. Amethyst

10 (liquid) drops Orange 5 Lip Liquid

3 drops Pashmica

3 drops Cotton Candy

3 drops Coral Reef Blue

3 drops Hilite Violet

Sheer Glow Lip Balm





Sheer Glow Lip Balm
(L) Mac MCIzzle Lipstick and (R) topped with Fairy-Tale Blue



Sheer Glow Lip Balm will tint your lips with shiny, color-shifting micas while moisturizing & nourishing with healthy ingredients. I did not try to get an opaque pigmentation. I wanted to create a comfortable, hydrating balm for daily wear with a fun color tint. I decorated my tubes with patterned duct tape, metallic glitter vinyl, and marble vinyl.







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