Spring Favorites 2016

Happy April to everyone! We keep whipping between sunny, warm weather and 20 degree, snowy, cloudy days but summer is on its way. With all of the unexpected snow, wind, and freezing temperatures, I have had to postpone my spray paint projects for the better part of a month now. That made it the perfect time to share my Spring Favorites 2016: I kept the list short and I only included my best & brightest discoveries.


I am unsure of the cost, as this was a wonderful gift fromLED Color Changing Shower Head my Mom. She purchased it through a plumbing distributor. This LED color-changing shower head is so pretty! It slowly transitions between soft (but noticeable) colors as the water runs. There are no batteries involved and it is a constant change of color that is not dependent on the temperature of the water. It is soothing and unexpectedly delightful. I thought it was a fun idea but it is really fun to have in the shower.



For $6, I grabbed a silicone trivet off of a clip strip in a random aisle Silicone Trivetof the grocery store. It is absolutely perfect for cleaning makeup brushes! When I run my brushes back and forth over the honeycomb design, it gets everything out of them. I can clean my brushes in about half the time it used to take me when I hand washed them. I have seen expensive silicone gloves and other items marketed for this use, but I highly recommend this low-cost alternative!



I purchased 3 of the Forever Nude glosses when BH Cosmetics had them on sale for $4. They are fantastic: highly pigmented, sweetly scented, buttery and hydrating. These are creamy glosses and not liquid lipsticks, meaning they do not last all day but they are super comfortable to wear (alone or over other lipsticks) and they are gorgeous nude brown shades that you won’t mind reapplying.

BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Aqua Glosses

BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Aqua Gloss Swatches

Chai Latte is a warm toned cocoa-brown shade, Praline is a cool toned taupe-brown hue, and Nutmeg is the darkest with a gorgeous mauve-brown tone. They are all brown shades but they are all different when applied. I love neutrals and after years of loving concealer lips, I think neutral brown tones are much more wearable. The glosses are cruelty free and vegan.


I love Cashewmilk. It is creamy, smooth, and delicious. I use the original flavor but it also comes in chocolate and vanilla varieties. It has 50% more calciumCashew Milk than skim milk and is much creamier. I have been purchasing cashew milk for awhile now but when I saw the new Nutchello line, I had to try it!

Nutchello is mildly sweet and has a nice creamy consistency. It does not taste like a bottled coffee drink with loads of sugar, it is mellow and smooth. My favorite flavor is the Caramel Almond & Cashew but I also enjoyed the Toasted Coconut Cashew. The last flavor to try is the Dark Chocolate Walnut, which sounds delicious. Silk Almond Creamer

Almond Creamer is fantastic–I have the Caramel flavor. It is sweet like a dairy coffee creamer but it only has 3 g of sugar and 15 calories per serving. Other almond milk/non-dairy creamers use coconut milk in their products and this one does not. I do not care for coconut milk. The Silk Almond Creamer also is carrageenan free, which can be hard to find.

All products are Non-GMO verified and free of artificial colors or flavors. They vary in price from store to store but I do not find them to be outrageously more than dairy products. The Cashew Milk lasts a minimum of a week in my fridge once opened. The Nutchello doesn’t get a chance to expire.


On 12/23 of last year I picked up this palette off of the Urban Decay website for $27.30 with free shipping. It is my only Vice Palette purchase and I love it. If I had any of the other 3 Vice Palettes I might not need this one but I haven’t made a colorful Urban Decay purchase since the Naked Palettes debuted.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

The Vice 4 came in a bag & included a double sided brush. The color scheme was inspired by an oil slick and the palette contains 20 new, limited edition eye shadows. This palette works for me: there are some basic mattes, the micro-glitter shades do not have noticeable glitter for the most part and the couple of shades with chunky glitter are still wearable & extremely pretty.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Swatches

My five favorite shades (Left to Right) are: Framed, Flame, Fast Ball, C-Note, and Harlot.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Swatches

I swatched more of the Vice 4 shades in the video and demoed all of the favorites. My voice is crackling and breaking from some allergy/cold situation that has knocked me down over the past week but I finally finished the video! 🙂 I hope you are all feeling well and experiencing lots of springtime sunshine!





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