Spring Favorites 2019

Spring is here! My Spring Favorites have been brightening up my gray, gloomy Wisconsin winter with iridescent shine, sparkling chrome & giant crystal extravagance. I don’t know who is more excited to stand out in the sunshine–me or the cat? Almost all of the snow is melted and I am happy to share some of the products I have been loving since the fall!

Spring Favorites

Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix Lip Gloss

$4.99 for .05 oz

I had not seen the Glow Stix top coat glosses before I looked into purchasing the Sigma Lip Switch holographic glosses. The Lip Switch is $14 for .11 oz and they have been out of stock for months. The Glow Stix launched first and the Lip Switch glosses have the same ingredients. Jesse’s Girl has a nice doe-foot applicator while the Lip Switch has an applicator like a bottle of White-Out (which drags across the lips & removes existing color.) The Glow Stix are comfortable, they are not tacky, they have no fragrance and they are gorgeous, color-shifting and beautifully iridescent!

Glow Stix come in 3 shades:

  • Tangerine: Yellow with Green Shift
  • Wicked: Green with Blue Shift
  • Red Dawn: Orange with Red Shift

(L to R): Red Dawn, Wicked, and Tangerine

Jesse's Girl Glow Stix

Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss

$19.00 for .14 oz

There were a lot of items that launched with the Sweet Peach Collection. I tried Peach Oil lip gloss (in Poppin Peach) because my lips were horribly chapped. This gloss soothed and moisturized my lips better than my homemade mango butter lip balm. It is incredible on dry lips, it smells like peaches, it is opaque, and I really like the color! It was worth the extra money for this lip gloss!

Poppin' Peach

Poppin’ Peach

Cover FX “Radiance” Custom Infusion Drops

$48.00 for .5 oz

I found a set of deluxe samples on Sephora a few months ago that included the Radiance drops. The Infusion Drops (there are four) are skin care treatments that can be added to a liquid. I add 2 of the Radiance drops (featuring Lemongrass & Vitamin C) to my foundation and they really help moisturize my dry skin and prevent foundation from settling into my dry patches. I prefer these drops to add Argan oil or any other treatment before, during, or after makeup application.

Cover FX Radiance Custom Infusion Drops

Cover FX Radiance Custom Infusion Drops

DIY Nail Polish

I have a large selection of mica powder at my disposal so it was only a matter of time before I started adding it to nail polish. I also have added silver chrome powder which gives a sparkling holographic effect. My best results have been when I added mica & chrome powder (5% mica to 95% polish base) to clear nail polish. Adding mica to an opaquely colored polish can gum it up. TKB Trading’s site lists if mica is nail polish compatible. TKB sells their own nail polish bases, mixing beads, bottles, etc. but I have been loving adding a little mica to clear nail polish to create my own custom shades.

Items Used:

  • TKB Trading Mica
  • Pretty Diva Silver Chrome Nail Powder ($6.99 for 1 gram on Amazon)
  • Clear Nail Polish: Sally Hansen & ICE
  • 2-3 TKB Nail Polish Mixing Beads (starting at 30 cents for 30 beads)

I add a small amount of mica & shake the bottle well after each color I add. Only one of the polishes tends to separate but applies well with a good shake. The colors I have created are medium to deep opacity and I have been wearing them non-stop! I have the Star Bite mica collection arriving soon. Its reflective particles are too large to use on the eyes but will be perfect for nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish

DIY Nail Polish

Stackable Sweets Bracelets (Etsy)

The Stackable Sweets shop uses a beautiful chain and eye-catching crystals. Chain bracelets are really attractive to me and I love the effect of layering them! Last year I purchased some bracelets for my Mom. I ordered for her birthday in January during the week of Christmas and this shop had those bracelets to me in 3 days! I didn’t need them for the holiday but I was really impressed!

Mom returned the favor by picking me up 3 bracelets. My instructions were: I want everything in this shop, you can not make a mistake, surprise me! The chains & clasps are sturdy and well-made and the stones are remarkable. The shop also has these amazing chain bracelets with metallic leather that both of us are eyeing up. The quality is fantastic with this shop and her prices are very reasonable.

Stackable Sweets Bracelets

Stackable Sweets Bracelets

The Unfavored

Tint My Brows Gel

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon long-lasting eyebrow gel/tint but it was a wonderful thought that a peel-off eyebrow mask could impart color for 3-7 days. Unfortunately, the two brands I tried did not work for me. I first received the Sanuo ($4.98/5 g on Amazon) and it applied easily (albeit a little thickly.) The color lasted for 2 days when I left it on for 6 hours but only lasts 1 day if I apply it for 2 hours & then wash my face at the end of the day.

The Etude House gel ($7.22/5 g) has the exact same packaging, ingredients, amount, etc. as the Sanuo but it was dried out and ultra hard to spread. It was globby & sticky and unpleasant to work with. I ordered through Etude House on Amazon so I don’t think it was a counterfeit product. Old, maybe… This gel doesn’t want to adhere to my skin for 2 hours so it obviously does not last more than one day.

I wish this product would have worked. My biggest fear going in was that it would leave a lasting reddish tone in my brows but the #3 gray-brown shade is a nice, cool toned color.

Tint My Brows Gel

Tint My Brows Gel

Those are my Spring Favorites—I am SO excited for spring! I had really been missing the sun! I can not wait to take the dog to the dog park & to watch the cat sunbathe on the deck! It will be a couple of months before summer is here but I am so glad to be walking away from winter.

Spring Favorites 2019 Video

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