Summertime Refreshment

summer drinks

Summer is here!!! I can’t describe how happy I feel at seeing the sun and higher temps. This time of year I drink a lot more water and eat a lot more fruit. With all of this enthusiasm I tend to over-buy on my fruit (both fresh and frozen) and a great way to use it up is by creating healthy summer drinks! I do not go fancy–simple, healthy, inexpensive drinks are a wonderful alternative to higher priced health drinks. (And I do not hide sugar in any form in my homemade concoctions 😉 ) I’ve got two drinks that look beautiful and taste great for the ultimate in summertime refreshment:


Watermelon Refresher:

Scoop seedless watermelonwatermelon refresher loosely into your blender until it is at least 3/4 full. Turn the blender on a medium-high speed until the watermelon is transformed into liquid. Then add in around 2 Tbsp of lime juice and 1 cup of water. Blend for 30 seconds. My medium sized watermelon produced several blender-fulls of this drink and I filled two quart and a half jars with it. This drink is packed with flavor. The lime pairs well with the sweetness of the watermelon! (Refrigerate or serve with ice.)

Fruit Infused Water:

**This is no-brainer but I only think to make it in the summer** To a couplefruit infused water quarts of water I added: sliced lemon & lime, a handful of frozen mixed berries and a sliced peach. This water has a clean flavor that is uninterrupted by the nasty tasting artificial sweeteners I find in fruit-flavored drinks in the grocery store. I tasted it after a few hours and there was a hint of fruit but after a full day the berries kicked in and it was worth waiting for! (Refrigerate) **After storing in the fridge, I can promise that you want to remove any citrus rind or your water will turn bitter**

I hope this inspires you to create fun summer drinks that cost a fraction of store bought “health drinks!”



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