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Facebook runs unavoidable ads now that I completely ignore. That is, until I saw a TagPop advert in my feed for Mystery Pre-Loved Clothing. I love purchasing thrift store clothing & a “mystery” order was irresistible for me. The shirts TagPop sells are sized for men. I paid $20 for 5 t-shirts and $13 for a sweatshirt, all in size XL. I wanted to make it to the local thrift stores to grab over sized shirts but they have impossibly limited hours here. TagPop solved that chore for me.


◇ Mystery Old School Pre-Loved Retro T-Shirts are “pre-owned shirts from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s”

◇ Mystery Old School Pre-Loved Broken in Sweatshirts are “awesome vintage sweatshirts”

◇  My order arrived in 2 weeks through USPS

◇  I received free shipping (on all orders over $30.) There is flat rate $5.75 shipping on orders under $30.

◇  Returns/Exchanges are permitted but you pay return shipping

My Order:

After I placed my order, I saw some negative reviews. They mainly focused on the shirts not being old enough to be “vintage.” The truth is: the shirts would probably be in terrible shape if they were from the 1980s. TagPop does sell premium vintage shirts but I am happy with my 5/$20 tees. The sweatshirt is less satisfying. I paid $13 for an old sweatshirt. Live and learn.

TagPop Review: Mystery Sweatshirt & Mystery T-Shirts


I expected to receive school themed, business promotion, or community organization t-shirts. That is what I buy from thrift stores. I did not receive anything I would consider “vintage.” The shirts were dated 2007, 2009, & 2010. All of the clothing was in excellent condition, the colors were vibrant, and there were no discolorations or holes. I went in looking for over sized t-shirts for layering & sewing projects, so I am pleased with my order.


UPDATE: Unfortunately word has spread my way that the TagPop experience can be frustrating for some readers. The communication I received indicates a purportedly non-responsive customer service team should you receive the wrong items in your order.








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  1. Absolutely terrible, I purchased an order and it literally never sent and it was over a month. Had to email the mail several times to get a tracking update so I waited an additional 10 days and after that it never sent so I requested a refund now it’s another 10 days… just save your money and time

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