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How dumb do you think i am. My brain works differently so shut up.

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Text color resource for homestuck characters.

Text colors homestuck. I really want to continue reading homestuck because its so good but i can t with that text color. I know dw tools is a chrome extension that includes some similar features but i m not sure how customizable it is or if there s a firefox equivalent. Other characters and text styles colors of note.

This text is always underlined and is generally in the color 1b00ee and after hitting it the text changes to 551a8b comic sans edit. Start studying homestuck text color. Primarily used in sbahj and quotes from sbahj in homestuck.

Her text is 77003c and her blood is 99004d the difference lying with the red and blue values. Valid and active homestuck hex codes. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.

Also so you don t need to check my talk page the sagittarius and capricorn symbols were changed to match equius and gamzee s blood colours because the one on their shirt appears to match that colour as opposed to their text colour. I just have an easier time thinking in colors. I was just introduced to you know who s cyan text and it literally gave me a migraine.

An unofficial subreddit for homestuck homestuck 2 hiveswap pesterquest and the works of andrew hussie. Well if you want to change your text color you can if you turn on some of these. And some are small.

I know that some letters are big. Homestuck text color change. 929292 92 is the elemental number of uranium undyingumbrage caliborn before predominating uu color.

This is the font used on the text that you click to go to the next page of the comic. Added doc scratch now with dark green bg as per latest updates. Homestuck rpers are you tired of your text formatting not working do you hate having to constantly look up html or hex codes well i am here to solve all your problems.

And if you need an easy way to implement on dreamwidth there s hs text adder too which has most of these pre loaded. Uranianumbra calliope uu color. No but the colors are too similar.

Either in its hex format or with its assessment on the rgb scale. I ve heard about chrome extensions that change typing quirks but are there any that can change someone s text color or. To start breaking down everything related to the hexestuck hex codes we have to start by highlighting their greatest particularity.

This font is considered tacky and overused by some people. In this game you will have to know the color codes on the web. What does that even mean thinking in colors i told you.

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