The 2016 Election

Election Madness


At this point, I am pretty embarrassed that anyone takes either of our presidential candidates seriously. On a human, moral level, I am usually swayed by any talk of improving lives, helping each other, or bettering our country. This go-round, I don’t believe the positive promises & am appalled at the ridiculous, inelegant attacks & arguing. More upsetting to me than the behavior of the two candidates, is seeing good people turn against their high personal standards and attack each other viciously!

Forget the typical political platforms & promises that attach you to a particular party. Forget the election for a moment and remember: I love all of you and I want you to rise above the vulgarity and not let it seep into your own life. Please do not lower yourself while defending two people with personal morality issues. Your relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers deserve more respect and appreciation than defending politicians.

Lead by example to show your children and loved ones that family, decency, keeping promises, and forgiveness matter. Express what matters to you calmly & in a way that you will be proud of when this election is done. Like a few posts, chuckle at the jokes you agree with, and remember the good in your life that drives you to spread love into this world!





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