The Spirit of Jezebel

The Spirit of Jezebel takes its name from a woman, but men & women can be affected. To majorly condense my understanding, The Spirit of Jezebel basically tells us that because we were wronged (many times in our youth) or did not get what we wanted, we should use manipulation and deception to get what we think we deserve. An example would be growing up poor–you had a rough life & did not have what you wanted/needed so you treat people poorly as an adult to get what you think you deserve.

Jezebel was a witch who was married to the passive King Ahab. She was immoral, practiced idolatry, engaged in false teachings, and was unrepentant. She sought to control through her sexuality. I found a great explanation of the behaviors of the Jezebel Spirit on the blog Modern Day Prophets. It explains that the Jezebel Spirit refuses to admit guilt, is never wrong (unless a temporary admittance of guilt will gain them favor with someone), takes credit for all good but never wrong actions, uses other people to accomplish its agenda, withholds information, talks in confusion, volunteers to establish control, lies convincingly, ignores and isolates people, never shows gratitude, and criticizes everyone else so they can look good. After encountering the Jezebel Spirit in my own life–I feel convinced that we need to stay away from those afflicted with this spirit. We can pray for them but we are jeopardizing our sanity and grasp of reality to stay focused on a person who withholds the truth, has malicious intent, values control over honesty or good, guilts us endlessly with their laundry list of (self-imposed) troubles, and leads us away from the true way.


Pastor Cherise Williams-George describes Jezebel attributes as:

“Jezebel always misrepresents herself as something she is not. Look around her, and find the Ahab that is supporting her. The underlying need is for attention and control, driven by self pity, and a need to blame others for their mistakes, to maintain their reputation as a sweet and innocent person. The main behavior is victimhood, and denial of responsibility for wrongdoing. They are irresponsible. They do not accept responsibility for their own behavior. It is always someone else’s fault.

She is constantly offended at the behavior of others, and displays passive aggressive attacks in sometimes subtle retaliations, and cannot forgive. Jezebel perceives injury where there isn’t any, then attacks. She gets the true victim in trouble, and then takes credit for being the victim. She is careful to misrepresent the actions of others as abusive, when there is no intent to be that way.

They are immature, have no true authority, but want others to see them as experts, or so gifted, that they are worthy of special attention. They are unqualified to be in the position they want, so they fake it, and create a delusion.  Helplessness is a manipulative tactic. They always need someone to rescue them. it can disrupt families, workplaces, churches, etc. by fostering misunderstandings. They have no remorse over the damage they have caused to others.

They are usually the most “holy, anointed” person in church, since they are so perfect. Either individually, or as a group, these people are dangerous. There can be legal losses, broken relationships, job loss, child care custody disputes, mental illness, medical damages, loss of life, etc.”


In my search to understand the Jezebel Spirit I also came across Jonas Clark.  His advice is that once the Jezebel spirit has awakened and she does not repent/change her behavior sustainably you have no choice but to end the relationship. You have to stand up for yourself, your values, your high standards and say NO to this wicked behavior. It is never easy to distance yourself from a former friend or partner. Typically these people seemed good, loving, and decent in their actions and motives when you met them; but once the Jezebel spirit is revealed you have to save yourself!

Our lives are too precious to waste our time constantly “saving” those who CHOOSE to live wickedly. When we allow our relationships to be built on a bed of lies we stand still hypnotized–used and abused to empower those who don’t care about us. A one-sided friendship means only giving–never sharing and a romantic relationship based on lies with someone you don’t really know (because everything has been purposely deceitful) means you are chasing after lust—not love. Interacting with a concocted personality that doesn’t exist means you are only attracted to them on a superficial level of diminished meaning.

Good people who struggle to follow the narrow path and work to be more like the Creator can overcome anything. Troubled people who turn from the creator but then demand that his children fulfill their needs as if they should be worshiped need to be avoided at all costs. We can not “bear with” someone who has no intentions of being set apart from the trappings of this world–they will only bring us down. It is time to protect our families as we witness the world being led astray from the reason we exist, the purpose of all that exists. The Creator won’t deceive us and his simple instructions are easy to follow-as long as you intend to be a good person.

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