My Top 25 Workout Songs

Fitness and physical health are very important to me.Workout DVDs After discovering severe issues with my back over a decade ago–it has always been about strength and quality of life rather than concerns about physical appearance. When my back gives I am immobile and need a cane to get around. Thankfully I have been able to keep my back strong through cardio and weight lifting exercises. I am not in a position to jump around a lot & most floor exercises are a no-go–but that is okay because I do what works for me and I only do things I enjoy. That is the way to get the most stress relief out of your workouts!

Some of my favorite pre-recorded workouts include Top 25 Workout SongsTurbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 2 & Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio. They have enough going on & decent enough music that I make it through a whole workout without stopping or getting bored. When I am working out on my own (typically this means the treadmill or weight lifting) I need good music to keep me going. I find that when I watch TV while I am on the treadmill I tend to slow down and spend less time working out.

We are so lucky to have MP3 players these days–Top 25 Workout SongsI still have my Sony Walkman CD Player & it is pretty boring to listen to one CD your whole workout. I have little patience for sad or slow music while I am working out & it is annoying to switch CDs while you are on the treadmill! I love my I-Pod Shuffle; nothing fancy, no pre-programmed playlists but it has all of the music I want.

I have the patience to hit the “next” button if I have the patience to use a CD player with headphones… I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite workout music because I love so many genres of music, but I think I’ve got 25 songs that will keep Top 25 Workout Songsyou moving. You probably haven’t heard of a lot of them; so check out these songs & artists. Finding new music you love is always exciting–and I have all of these songs on my I-Pod right now to keep me going through my winter workouts. Does anyone else find it easier to workout in the summer? I have to push a lot harder to get my workouts in when the sun sets at 4:30 p.m. instead of 9:00 p.m.!! I hope you enjoy my favorite workout songs!

The List:

1. I Can Only Imagine–David Guetta ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne
2. Feel This Moment–Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
3. Titanium–David Guetta ft. Sia
4. Don’t Bring Me Down–Electric Light Orchestra
5. Down to My Last Teardrop–Tanya Tucker
6. Sweet Dreams–Beyonce
7. Stop Breaking Down–White Stripes
8. I Wanna Rock–Twisted Sister
9. Mississippi Girl–Faith Hill
10. Fly Me Away–Goldfrapp
11. In My Dreams–Dream
12. Don’t Leave Me This Way–Thelma Houston
13. Night Fever–Bee Gees
14. Dance With Me–112
15. Don’t Mess With The Radio–Nivea
16. Damaged–Danity Kane
17. Grace Kelly–Mika
18. Miscommunication–Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson
19. Do Your Thing–‘N Sync
20. September–Earth, Wind, & Fire
21. Sir Duke–Stevie Wonder
22. Bad Medicine–Bon Jovi
23. Flashing Lights–Kanye West ft. Dwele
24. Viva La Vida–Coldplay
25. Cameo Lover–Kimbra

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