Vegetable Stamps

Vegetable Stamps

After seeing an old 2006 Martha Stewart post on DIY stationery, I had toVegetable Stamps try out vegetable stamps! By using the stem of a stalk of celery, sliced brussel sprouts, romaine heart lettuce, and bell pepper stems, I created beautiful floral designs on paper & flour sack towels!

Materials Used:

  • Vegetable stems
  • Adirondack “Stream” Ink Pad
  • Hero Arts Shadow Ink “Raspberry Jam” Ink Pad
  • Craft Smith Paper
  • Flour Sack Towels
  • Paper Towel for blotting moisture from the vegetables

How to use Vegetable Stamps:

  1. Cut off the vegetable stems & place face down on aVegetable Stamps paper towel to dry for 10 minutes
  2. Coat the stem with ink. Blot onto paper towel and re-coat with ink if your veggie has excess water. (Celery was the hardest to stamp, but not impossible.)
  3. Stamp onto paper, flour sack towels or thin cotton tote bags
  4. Blot the stem in between stamps with paper towel
  5. Allow ink to dry before handling

It is a lot of fun to create cards, stationery, towels, etc. with vegetable stamps! Vegetable StampsThey have a natural floral design in their stems that make for a lovely stamp. I embellished my cards that I created with some metallic markers & gel pens. Vegetable stamps are easy to use and fun to create with! This project was a success!





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