What does it mean to LOVE?

What does it mean to LOVE? To be loving means to care for another person; to show love. Love in today’s world means a strong attachment to a familiar person or a sexual attraction; it is a lazy kind of love. Love in the bible is unconditional; not based on how good other people make us feel…  True love means we are willing to sacrifice without recognition; in order to care for another person’s well-being. Through word-filled living we keep high standards and rebuke wordless ways.

When we live a word-filled life of honesty, kindness, loyalty… a good, respectable life; love & loving are possible. When we turn from the word and make our own selfish path; attempting to love by standards of our own will–we are guaranteed to have destroyed relationships. Without the word and good deeds; acting out of love, not just talking about it–real loving is impossible. Pray that our heavenly father direct you toward his love.

Make sure you are representing what is most important to you in your every breath and movement; not showcasing your greatest weakness at every turn! Don’t surround yourself with people who make you feel good; surround yourself with people who push you to do better… Make an effort to have the right people in your life; so your efforts aren’t wasted.  Create a family based on the word and you will be loved.

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