Witchcraft: Deceiving on so many levels

Witchcraft has been on my mind. Last night I saw “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” and I have recently been reading up on the Jezebel Spirit. Today I popped on YouTube and watched “Witch Wars.” It occurred to me that in recent years–the spirit of witchcraft does not require learning spells and potions or even a desire for secret knowledge–all it requires to bring you down is turning you away from the creator. In this video the moral of the young man’s story was that you should be careful who you share your secret knowledge with because they could be bad. What he missed completely is that once you put down your tarot cards and stop casting binding spells to protect you; the only way to find peace, happiness, and good–to receive true cover and protection in your life is to turn to the creator–Yahuwah. Yahuwah offers simple, loving instructions–when followed will provide open, meaningful knowledge that should be shared to enrich the lives of others.

There are no secret prayers or rituals; you need only repent of your sinful behavior (sinful meaning missing the mark) and carry on in a better way. Admit your weakness and move on–no spells required.  The creator wants us to repent and go on to love better–not to punish us for our imperfections.

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