Picking “favorites”

Picking “favorites” is a pet-peeve of mine. Either we love each other or we don’t: Some people get along better than others. Some people are so extreme that they can have brilliant moments of loving character, followed by cringe-worthy selfish moments. I think it is best to approach the world with the attitude that we are going to love, forgive, build up and support our families; our brothers and sisters. In severe cases we have to avoid particular people of low character. In situations where we are too weak to set a tone/take a stand we form a lukewarm response; by meeting up with unhealthy influences in limited circumstances rather than avoid them completely. A manipulative technique or trap that some of us fall into is by picking “favorites.”

Apart from dire circumstances we can’t go around freely condemning people. Moreover, should we choose that hateful behavior; let’s not kid ourselves and hold onto hope that declaring them “no longer our favorite (fill in the blank–friend, cousin, co-worker)” will injure them severely. Hateful behavior is shameful and should be repented of; not congratulated for it’s petty selfishness.

To even get to a point where you called a person your “favorite”—-you need to ask yourself WHY you would feel the need to label a human being your favorite. Most likely you were being petty or an adult asked you if they were your “favorite.” Favorites are unnecessary and it is ridiculous to even mention being someone’s “favorite” in adult conversation; and even more sad to let someone know they are no longer your favorite… Encourage your children to love everyone and never ever make them choose one family member over another for no good reason. Your issues are yours to work through; don’t pass on your sins to your children. If everyone is your favorite you will have endless respect, kindness, and love circulating. Then you will receive your Father’s favor in more ways than you can imagine.


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